White Christmas


It snowed!!

I can’t remember when it last snowed at Christmastime in the UK, but Friday morning we woke up to 5 inches here in East Anglia.  Two days later it’s still not showing any signs of going and we have more coming in tonight apparently.

Yesterday we thought the roads wouldn’t be too bad as it had been a couple of days, so went up to Norfolk to visit my parents….oh my word what a mistake! The roads were covered in ice it didn’t like they’d been gritted at all, and it was -6 degrees.  So it was very nice to snuggle in front of my parents log burner and be fed stew by my Mum when we got there. Miss L helped my parents put their Christmas decorations up and then had a snowball fight with my Dad in the garden – I think it was a draw seeing the state of them both when they came in 🙂

This is probably my last post now until after Christmas, I have tons to do this coming week wrapping presents, visiting friends and family, queuing at the butchers, and heading to the market for fresh fruit and veg – let alone making mince pies and keeping Miss L entertained.

So I’d like to wish you all a really wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.  Thanks to everyone who’s joined in with the Christmas Tour it’s been lovely having people share how they spend the holidays.

Happy Christmas!!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you too, I will return after Christmas myself. but will catch up in reading all the blog posts I missed of my favorite blogs over the past busy month.

    Hope the snow stays for a while for you

  2. I had been hearing on the new that your area was getting hit hard by some cold weather- At least you will have a white Christmas and have a warm fire- enjoy your family and have a very…
    Merry Christmas

  3. My son is so excited about the snow too. Those photos are lovely and very Christmasy. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!