Silent Night

Yesterday we saw Miss L in what will be her final Nativity. I was the teary proud Mum in the second row, and they all did a wonderful performance. I know I don’t normally do video, but this is cute. It’s her year singing ‘Silent Night’ in German with their German teacher and they are all very good.

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  1. Me too! Lily’s outfit took me a while, but some of the others….my god their mothers must have been working for weeks. The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ lit up!! Not kidding it was amazing šŸ™‚

  2. So precious! I’d cry too! I can’t wait until Emma is old enough to participate in a Nativity play. Those are some cherished memories from my own childhood.
    On a funny note, I can’t help but recall a quote from the movie “Love, Actually” after the children have been assigned their parts…
    Child: “I’m going to be a lobster…! First Lobster!”
    Mom: “There was more than one lobster at the birth of baby Jesus?”
    Child: “DUH!”
    I didn’t see any lobsters in Lily’s Nativity, but it was still splendid! =)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  3. What an amazing voice the German teacher has! So lovely that! Thanks for sharing it…I can’t wait until Little Miss starts having nativity plays to participate in. And what a gorgeous setting by the way…where was it?
    Hope Lily’s Nativity brought a bit of cheer to your family! Much love and hugs to you all…Happy Christmas!

  4. What a lovely treat to see- sweet, thanks so much for sharing-
    I was also thinking what a wonderful setting, the architecture of that building is amazing!
    Have a Merry Christmas

  5. Love it, I am agast at learning German that early, Mini and Maxi are learning a little French, but I would prefer German!!

    MadDad learned Silent night in German too

  6. Have added my link but McLinky removed my apostrophe so my grammar is off! Loving seeing all the decorations, getting some great ideas for next year.

  7. Kelli – LOL! I love that film sooo much. There were no lobsters, but there was a snowman šŸ˜‰

    Karin – it was lovely, and did sooth the soul – thank you xx

    Teresa – so pleased you loved it. The Cathedral is 900 years old. Utterly stunning inside and out.

    Mad House – The German is cool isn’t it šŸ™‚ They learnt Spanish in Reception, French in Year 1 and now German year 2. Next Year I think it’s French again…

    Kelly – loved your decorations thank you so much for putting them up x