{Guest Post} Thrifty Christmas – Whiskey Bottles

whiskey 005small

More Thrifty Christmas ideas, this time from Claire of the fabulous Snug Baby, this is such a great idea for the men of the family.

“My eldest son was born on 1st December 2004, which didn’t give a lot of time for doing anything personalised (hand or footprints type thing) for Christmas that year. I did want to do something though, so came up with this idea. It’s miniature bottles of whisky, with a photo of Ben, along with his name, and the general type of stuff you get on a whisky bottle (instead of 10 years old, it says 24 days old – his age at the time). I think the total cost was less than £5, and we did two bottles. Needless to say, although they were intended for consumption, they have remained unopened, and take pride of place on the dresser in Grandad’s kitchen. It’s a lovely (cheap) idea particularly for Grandads who may not appreciate some of the more traditional personalised gifts associated with babies.”

whiskey 006small

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