Decluttering for Christmas

I’ve been looking round the house and realised that I probably need to do a declutter before Christmas, before we bring anything else into this house.  To make it less painful I think I’m going to a room at a time, rather than trying to do one big mass clear out. I think it’ll take a couple of weeks, but I’ve discovered that if I rush it and try and do it all at once, I get frustrated, bored and then I don’t do it.  And now Hubby is finally reading the blog on RSS I will actually have to do it!

I try to follow the decluttering advice of ‘if you haven’t worn it in 18 months then you’re not going to wear it’.  And if it’s still in the box it came in a year later, chances are it’s not going to be played with/used. So bearing this in mind I’ll be creating the following piles

To Keep, Friends with Younger Children, Charity, Recycle, Tip


So here’s the plan


Clear out the side board of old candles, and all the general Miss L colouring/toys stuff I’ve shoved in drawers when we have visitors.

Dining Room

Move the Wireless Printer upstairs to the office where it should be

Paint the little table which I’ve been meaning to do for 8 years

Have a clear out of old XBox & PS2 Games as we don’t actually have either anymore!


Discover what is exactly at the back of the corner cupboards? Who knows??

Clear out the canned foods & Dried Foods that aren’t in date

Our Bedroom

Old Clothes have a charity turn out and put summer clothes into storage (suitcases on top of the wardrobe )

Magazines…..honestly I don’t really have 4 piles in there….maybe 😉

Return all of Miss L’s things that she never ever uses or plays with that have made their way into our room.

I’m also going to make the tiny built in cupboard in our room into the airing cupboard and make the airing cupboard into extra storage for seasonal clothes etc.  The sheets etc will fit into our cupboard and be more accessible.

Miss L’s room

This is the big one…. sort through old toys, sort through books, clothes etc

Under her bed…who know’s what’s under there? But clearning it should create more storage.

Clothes…she’s had another growing spurt and I know there are loads of summer clothes that need to goto charity.

Tame all the school work, we’re not doing too badly with the actual work but I need to clear down the things she’s made and put them into storage/throw out.  There is only so much you can have on display made of out toilet roll!


I always, always give Miss L the final say over giving away toys, or saving items. But I’m proud to say she’s really good about donating to charity and has been know to offer all her toys to’little girls who might not have any’ – Proud Mummy moment! Finger’s crossed I can get all this done before Christmas!

So are any of you going to do a Pre Christmas De-clutter?

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  1. I really really need to!

    We have been threatening to move BIg E into his new room forever but it’s currently stacked floor to ceiling with stuff. Old baby stuff mostly, clothes, chairs, electric stuff. 😮

    I need to get my bum in gear and get rid!!


  2. I really should. My wardrobe is full of stuff I don’t wear and Little Miss A has too many baby toys still despite being 2 1/2 now. I dread to think what the dining room could look like if I actually did something with it.

  3. Sounds like a great plan. I try to clear out each season but I’m up and down with my weight hate to get rid of anything clothes wise. good luck!

  4. I usually get a declutter frenzy once a month (yes that time of the month) and than I try to declutter. I have thrown out a lot of old clothes already, but there is still a lot that needs to go.
    I still have difficulties to part with all my other stuff. You are a courageous woman!

  5. I’ve been trying to do this for the last week. It’s incredible how much junk I can accumulate between clear outs. Good luck with yours though. The plan seems fool proof!

  6. I am not really a clutter person, but the boys rooms and the playroom need detoying!!!

    So my advice for you all is as follows:

    3 boxes or bags. 1 to keep, but in a different place, 1 to Bin and 1 to charity shop or e-bay.
    Start at the doorway on each room and work round clockwise and stop when a box is full. 15 minute busts are good. When you keep box is full, put it where it is going to belong. Play loud happy music and have a timer at the ready.

  7. You have inspired me – I’ll let you know how I get on. I put away the summer clothes some time ago and we sorted some toys and outgrown clothes for charity but another go could be needed. 🙂

  8. As you know, we have been redecorating and therefore been forced to declutter!
    We took all our old PS2 console/games/accessories etc to Gamestation & traded it all in & as there was so much tat there we actually got a decent amount of store credit! It is definately worth doing!
    Aside from that: have you heard of I found about it today & is a free organisation which you can give stuff you don’t want anymore & even get stuff in exchange- though is probably more for furniture etc, but still worth a look! X

  9. Definitely. I’ve been doing the Apartment Therapy Cure over the past 6 weeks. Loads of clearing out. I just took all the clothes to the charity shop this week. I could do more with the toys, but while I was doing mundane “Cure” tasks, like get boiler serviced we were hit with having the boiler condemned so we’ve had a new heating system which has displaced a whole cupboard and left us with plastering and painting that needs doing. I’m definitely trying to get that all back in shape before Christmas.

  10. great plan!! It is always good to make a list. I had the declutter this past month… my boyfriend is coming to town and will see my house for the first time. SO I HAD to declutter. I actually, am excited for him to see it!!
    doing it in small bits helps a lot!

  11. Its always a great idea to do a pre christmas clutter during November. It helps to calm life down a bit by removing items which are taking up space in life and home and not giving anything back to in terms of value or enjoyment. I have been blogging about a similar theme this month (shameless plug) as I feel the less time that is spent on doing the actual maintenance of keeping both house and self, the more time there is to spend on people and activities which are truly loved.

  12. It may take me ’til Christmas to declutter! I did take a large shopping bag to the thrift store last weekend. And I could stand to take about 20 more. 😉 Sunday we have both pledged to not leave the house. We’ll see how this goes!

  13. The husband keeps saying we should, but seeing as he’s not getting out there and doing it, I don’t have to feel guilty for not having a go myself.
    I’m sure it’ll get done in the end… she says.