Charity Auction for Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund

On the 19th November Cumbria and the surrounding areas suffered with the worst flooding ever.  As we know from previous floods, lives will be devastated and it will be a long time before those affected will be back in their homes. With Christmas coming this is going to be a bleak time for many.

Kat at Housewife Confidential has come up with an idea for a Silent Auction details can be found here she has also set up and email address specifically for this auction: cumbriafloodauction [at!]

So if there are any PR’s, Crafters or Store Owners reading and there is anything you can offer to auction please contact Kat at the above address or drop me either an e-mail or leave a message below.

Thank you x

*Update – more information on Kat’s site of how to donate – click here*

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  1. A really good idea and a worth cause, but the government and the environment agency need to start looking in to these so called once in 100 year floods as they are getting more and more prevalent in recent years. Climate change needs taking seriously. We need to ensure that this stops happening to people.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Dave – I’ll let Kat know if there is anything you can do to help – thanks for the offer!

    Mad House – Agreed! I live in the Fens and we already know that the flood defences in North Norfolk aren’t brilliant. They need to be improved all around the country, sucessive governments have ignored it for too long! It could be us at anytime, so my heart goes out to them.