The Queen’s Visit

I was a very proud Mummy this morning.  Miss L’s year were selected along with some other children from local schools to greet the Queen and Prince Philip on their visit to celebrate Ely Cathedral’s 900th Anniversary.

Picture 28

They must have been standing out there for nearly 2 hours, and it was really windy and cold and they were all so brave.   I got there with Miss L’s digital camera (which is annoyingly better than mine!) only to discover that there was no battery – argh! So I have to take all these pictures on my iPhone. I’m hoping some of the parents in the crowd managed to get some better photos than I did.

Picture 29

The kids were entertained by the local police, filmed by the local news, had their pictures taken and apparently Miss L was interviewed by Heart FM radio station! I’ve not been able to track it down though, I’d love to hear it.  So they had a whale of a time!

The video above shows how tight security was.  We were told about the trip and the kids being involved at the last minute and there were police everywhere, something our very small City is not used to!  But they did a very good job, on what looked like a massive operation.

Picture 30

Prince Philip arrived first and came over to talk to the children. Miss L says he spoke to her – I actually caught it see above! But she can’t remember what he said – kids! 😉

Picture 31

Finally the Queen arrived but because of the cold and wind she was ushered straight into the Cathedral, while all the children cheered.  Later one of Miss L’s classmates gave the Queen a posy from all the children at their school, it must have been a lovely moment for her and her family.  I’m so proud of all of them!

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  1. Hi,
    Great photos. I hope your daughter and you had a lovely time. The bottom photo on here has my Mum at the edge of it. They were unable to take any photos of their own of the occasion and I wasn’t able to be there, so I am trawling the internet to try to find any with them on. I know it’s cheeky to ask, but I don’t suppose you could please email me a copy of this photo and if you have any taken just before this? My Mum is in the blue hat and my Dad was the other side.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! x

    Rebecca, no problem at all! I’ve just emailed you three pictures I took. I hope you’re Mum and Dad like them 🙂

  3. Oh I’m such a traditionalist…am cooing at that lovely photo with the children flying the flags. They must have been so good standing there for such a long time. When the Queen came to Bury for the Maundy Service, I cycled into town to join the crowds, but by then they’d stopped all cars going down Eastgate St into Angel Hill. I couldn’t help feel paranoid at cycling down on my lonesome with my Waitrose bags-for-life in my shopping basket…past all the security men…and acknowledging that the marksmen higher up also had their eyes on me. Security is definitely tight when Her Majesty comes to town. 🙂