Guest Post: {Thrifty Christmas} Card Holder

I have agreed to post this entry from Snaffles Mummy as she does not want to spoil any Christmas surprises for her friends. More of Snaffles Mummy’s ideas for a Thrifty Christmas can be found here.

So, I will now hand over to Snaffles Mummy…..


Firstly I would like to thank Liz for posting this for me.

I am so excited about my latest Thrifty Christmas creation that I am desperate to go running to show my best friend it. However, I am having to restrain myself because my creation is for my friend. I am also intending to keep it a secret from my other friends too as I think it can easily be adapted to different designs.

My inspiration came from the Tesco Christmas magazine for a Union Jack Christmas Card Holder. My best friend is loving all things Union Jack at the minute so rather than a card holder I thought it would work just as well as a notice board.

2009-11-09 21.08.07

All instructions can be found on the Tesco website. It was very quick and simple to make and can be done in any colour combinations. I managed to locate all supplies at Boyes for less than £7. I have seen smaller versions in shops on sale for £15.

So, here is the finished article. I cant wait to get started on other colour combo’s.

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