Feature walls – Hot or Not?

Due to a tragic accident involving a massive glass of red wine and Betty’s tail, we now need to redecorate a wall of our lounge.Β  Her tail hit the glass out of my hand it went EVERYWHERE! Floor, beige sofa (thankfully with washable covers), the curtains , TV, and all up the cream walls and onto the fireplace. I managed to get it off the curtains using vanish and it came out ok, but it’s not coming out of the walls at all!.

While it looks like an interesting classy pattern, I think maybe it’s best to either paint or paper over it.Β  It’s not like I have to do the whole room it’s just one wall but I can’t decide what look to go for? Same as it was or a feature wall?

Are feature walls hot or not?

The ever stylish and talented Yvestown has the most stunning feature wall here, which I’d love to do but the rest of the room isn’t white enough and there is only so much Cath Kidston my husband can take.

Wallpaper Direct’s site is pretty good because you can see what wallpaper will look like on the wall, something I am rubbish at imagining, it’s like trying to imagine a tie on a suit – I can’t do it!

But what about a painted feature wall? It would be the easiest thing to do.

I’m undecided if it looks cool or a bit 60 Minute Makeover? What do you guys think?

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  1. Whoops!

    I like feature walls. We’ve been talking about painting our chimney breast. Just can’t decided on a colour (plus there are hundreds of other jobs that need doing first). We’d definitely go for a solid colour as I have a huge bookshelf in the alcove and a pattern would be too busy.


  2. I love it. Especially one really deep colour teamed with creamy chalky walls. I’ve been trying to persuade my husband to paint the chimney breast a different colour (or maybe even wallpaper it) for two long years. And now here you are telling me the solution is to throw red wine on it and blame Bert! It’s all too late – we’re moving out on Wednesday…


  3. We’ve just recently painted a feature wall, the jury is still out but I that’s more about the shade we’ve chosen than the fact that it’s a feature wall. Quite like the idea of the wallpaper but I think the pattern would give me a headache after a while or I would tire of it too quickly. It always looks good in other peoples homes though.

  4. I went for a few painted feature walls here, using that option as papering really wasn’t an option on fresh walls. Unbelievably Dulux do a range of feature wall paints, ridiculous it is just paint they charge a little more for.

    My sister has just done a feature wall of wallpaper in her hall and stairs, proper expensive wallpaper from somewhere, and it looks awesome. Think I will be doing similar when my walls get bashed/need an upgrade.

  5. I do like feature walls, but dont like wallpaper. I grew up in a house of 1970’s flock and have since spent what felt like weeks stripping the stuff!!

    We had a feature wall in our old bedroom in a darker paint and have one wall slightly darker in out dinning room now. The thing with paint is you can always do it again.

  6. I say go for it! If you paint the wall, you can always paint again!!
    I actually love feature walls, make a room have a bit more interest in my opinion. Let us know what you do!!

  7. Wasn’t that wine you were sent to review, was it? If so, I think they should definitely pay! Like the Wallpaper Direct one, btw…

  8. I think the Feature wall idea is much loved by you all, so I’m going to give it a go πŸ™‚ It wasn’t the review wine but special celebration expensive red wine *SOB* who knew it could go that far and with such style?

    Now to decided on what colour paint or wallpaper to go for…..

  9. I LOVE this idea. πŸ™‚ I also favour the painting….if you hate it, easy to fix. I remember the chocolate wall disaster from a couple of years ago! πŸ™‚ Plus, with the painting, you can mix and match all sorts of interesting little pictures and wall things to suit the season — Christmas things at Christmas time (dur), all sorts of blossom-and-gardening-related pictures during spring, etc.

    But – can we please see pics of how it looks now? I want to see the red wine stains!

  10. Please ignore Patricia kind readers she’s my best friend who lives in the US and lurks here to see what I’m up to πŸ˜‰ P shhhh don’t remind me of the tragic ‘chocolate’ wall incident I want to give this another go! I’ll mail you a shot of wine wall LOL! xx

  11. I rather like feature walls, though I’ve never been brave enough to do a very bright one, a muted Farrow & Ball grey on one wall amongst three muted Farrow & Ball yellow ones is about as daring as I’ve got!

  12. What’s wrong with bringing up the chocolate wall?? πŸ™‚ Or perhaps we shouldn’t remind Paul of that? πŸ˜‰

  13. Feature walls aren’t in any longer I’m afraid, it is all about wallpapering four walls but quite often, it is too expensive, too much work or too much for the room. People are still wallpapering fireplace walls though so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb πŸ™‚
    Another option is creating a panelling effect on one wall and wallpaper within the panel – sort of a feature wall but with more pizzazz and effect

  14. Not really into feature walls to be honest, once my Mum painted one about two years ago I decided I was never going to have one!!!

  15. Which wall has been affected (e.g. the main fireplace wall, the back wall…)? This could impact how you want to decorate it as it might not be the focus, or put things off balance etc. I actually quite like a bit of variety in the walls, and am particularly into something that doesn’t stick to the corners as its limitations. For instance, wallpapering/painting a wall but extending past the corner for another metre.

  16. If you’re looking to create a unique handmade feature wall then take a peek at AlhambraDesigns.com