{Thrifty Christmas}

Ummm not sure how this happened but it seems to be time for the November Thrifty Christmas Carnival – where did that 2 months go??? Thrifty Christmas was an idea I had back in September after a chat with other blogging Mums on Twitter.  We were swapping ideas of cheap thrifty Christmas presents to make for family and friends.  This year money is tight for most people and we wanted to be able to make nice, simple heartfelt gifts.  After about 20 minutes we realised that it might not be a bad idea to pool all the ideas we’d had sweets, flavoured vodkas, chutneys, candles etc and Thrifty Christmas was born.

One of my examples is these simple and inexpensive Tea Cup Candles I made last year for friends

And these soaps I’ve made this year for Miss L’s teachers and assistants.

I have been inundated with really fabulous idea from all over the net and  you can also consider giving the gift of beautiful fresh flowers by post to your friends and family.   I have some wonderful readers and bloggy friends and all of us seen very adept at making things go further in the current economy.  So if you have a Thrifty Christmas blog post you’d like share, please add it below but make sure you link to the actual post and not to your main homepage or people won’t be able to find it.

Can’t wait to see all your ideas! 🙂


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