Hidden Gem

British train stations aren’t the most glamorous places in the world but Ely’s train station is a little different we have…

Rosie and Dolly


They sell all sorts of fabulous home, accessories, gifts and fair trade goodies and are based to the left of the entrance and the ticket office.  I’ve just done some of my Christmas present shopping in there for close family and friends, I can’t tell you what in case they are lurking ‘Hi Mum’!

rosie2 collageBut if you are visiting Ely, or passing through they are well worth a visit for great shopping and service.

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  1. I never knew that was there!

    I spent many a long hour on the platform at Ely waiting for my connection to Cambridge when I was a student (not at Cambridge University though!).


  2. Wow! You are very lucky. We only get lukewarm coffee from a disgruntled train station worker at our local station.

  3. That is so so gorgeous. I would sen an age in that shop. My favourite shop is The Token House in Nottingham. I think you’d really like it there. If you ever come to Notts I’ll take you. 😀

  4. I love this shop – it’s one of my favourites – and even the boys nag me to go in there everytime we’re stopped at the station….but that’s only because they love the union jack rug I got there a few months ago. 😀 x

  5. Ohmygosh!!! This is a fabulous idea, and it looks like I would want one of everything in the store. There are these cute little old train stations along the Jersey (as in NJ 😉 shoreline…they don’t seem to be in use anymore, and this would be such a great idea! Now my little (train) wheels are turning…

  6. Oh my gosh, those Union Jack pillows–and pennants–and teapot (cozy? can’t quite see) are FABULOUS.


    What’s a poor deprived Chicagoan to do? 😀

  7. Wow, loving the love for Rosie & Dolly! It really is an awesome shop 🙂
    Insomniac Mummy – it’s only been there 2-3 years so probably long after your student days. Feel bad you ever had to spend time on Ely platform it’s freezing!
    Teresa – if you are ever in England come and visit!
    The Mad House – It’s lovely but I spend far too much in there 🙂
    Smitten – they are gorgeous aren’t they?
    Sandi – the rest of the station is as normal grumpy staff & overpriced coffee
    Jo – That sounds good must come for a visit 😉
    Rosie – come visit!!
    Almost Mrs Average – Your boys have excellent taste!!
    Laura – now there is a marvellous idea! I can’t wait to hear how that pans out.
    Poppy – you’d love it I will take more pictures next time I’m in there 🙂

  8. i happen to stumble on this amazing shop during a train change at ely! heartbroken that i only had 5 minutes and was carrying a heavy backpack!

  9. I was travelling home from Birmingham after visiting friends in Norfolk. I bought a lovely necklace and fantastic hat from Rosie and Dolly! It makes waiting for a train (especially when its delayed) a worthwhile experience. Its a lovely little store,