Pumpkin Carving

We started our pumpkin carving last night and I managed to finish two pumpkins for my Mum and her neighbour, but I did think my hand were going to fall off afterwards. Honestly it’s such hard work!

Miss L did the scraping of the insides – apparently that is the best bit πŸ™‚


Then I used the templates from Waitrose and carved the pumpkins, they came out pretty well and I’m sure they’ll look great lit up.


Tonight I’ll be working ours which is going to be a fancy ‘Happy Halloween’ with a tree and a monster as a present for one of Miss L’s friends as we’re off to their Halloween party on Friday.Β  Her Mums partner and I are having a Pumpkin Pie ‘off’ to see who can make the best one, I have a slight advantage in that I’ve actually ever tasted it LOL!

For more Halloween fun pop to the Violet Posy Halloween Party

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  1. Blimey – Good job!! We…ahem…the Hubster shall be carving our pumpkin on Saturday…last year we did a scary one & a silly one and they both went down well with the trick or treaters….only got one pumpkin this time round though as it is tiring work! Cant wait to see a pic of your ‘fancy’ pumpkin πŸ™‚

  2. From what I remember his weren’t bad last year, think I saw some photos? I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew with the fancy pumpkin! It might be a ‘what was I thinking moment’!

  3. Irish Mammy – Let’s see a picture of yours, the more pumpkins the better! x
    Maternal Tales – Thank you so much xxx
    Rosie – you can get them in Waitrose and they even have all the tools with them. Makes then very easy and fun to do x

  4. That looks like great fun! You know, I’ve NEVER carved a pumpkin! True. And this week I glued two button “eyes” on a pumpkin and called it a day, LOL! I’ll have to post a picture.

    BY the way…you inspired me. I’ve been a little blog absent but this weekend I knocked out 2 (and a half) cheap and crafty items for your Thrifty Christmas party!! Look at me! πŸ™‚ As I mentioned once before I’m hoping to do one for each day of the party. Imagine…me being organised!