Stella McCartney for Gap Kids

I have a massive soft spot for Gap Baby and Gap Kids. When Miss L was a baby the clothes that washed the best and lasted longest were from Baby Gap.  Other than when I’d just gone on maternity and bought literally half the store, my method has been to go in the sales and buy for the next year or have a hunt on ebay for coats etc. And every Christmas my lovely best friend in the US sends Miss L a gorgeous outfit.

As she’s gotten older I’ve found that a lot of stores seem to think that what’s appropriate on a 16 year old will look equally good on a 4 year old (who’s actually a tall 2.5 year old!). Not really wanting my little girl to look like a hooker in training I’ve been somewhat picky about where I’ve been buying her clothes.

She’s now 6 and in size aged 8 this is still a massive problem and Gap Kids along with Boden and H&M never let me down.  So I was very excited to read in The Times this morning that Stella McCartney has teamed up with GapKids for a collection (newborn to age 12) that launches in selected stores November 2nd.

and the dusky pink tutu in the top picture is too cute! Good luck tracking them down, I suspect they’ll sell out quickly!

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  1. wow, I love all this! Sort of makes me want to buy loads in advance now for Lou but he is only 16 months.
    Agree with a lot of girls clothes, there are some monstrous things out there, way too much glittery Jordan-esque clothes for my liking!

  2. yeah! I love Stella McCartney and I am always buying my nieces cute outfits, now this is a match in heaven!! My nieces are going to love the tutu (if I can find them, H&M had them and they were gone in a blink) I may just have to make them…. those coats! LOVE
    You comment about the hooker in training made me laugh, I was in a discussion with a co-worker about clothing for little girls. I am shocked at what some parents let their little girls wear!
    Gap is always a good choice (especially when on sale, the Scottish in me makes me very frugal!)

  3. I used to work for Gap Kids and the clothes were always gorgeous. In fact some of the XXL I could fit in myself (in those days, pre-motherhood.) These designs are fabulous. It is sod’s law that now I have a child I no longer work there are can’t benefit from the staff discount!!!

  4. I have to agree that Gap clothes wash and wear great. It is great to be able to pass them on to the boys and then again to friends, but only in the sale. I am not too sure about the boys clothes though….. Cant see the mulitary jackets going down all that well for everyday where here in TheMadHouse, that is unless MiniMad is being the grand old duke of York. As much as I would love for them to be worn we have a large white cat who would cover them in hair.

    I have to agree on the children being children part though. I HATE slogan tshirts with a vengence and was so please when M&S did plain t’s and tops this year. I love boden, but my pocket doesnt!! I want my children to be children for as long as possible.

  5. It looks like an amazing collection. Dressing girls is so hard, some of the clothes are just so age inappropriate, Next springs to mind as being one of my pet hate places. What a 15 year old can wear is not the same as what a 4 or 6 year old can wear. I’m also very jealous of you petite ladies who’ll be able to get into the larger sizes of the Gap collection! 😉

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been at the Gap today and have been a bit disappointed – the only jacket left in a size 9months was made of 100% polyester. Makes the baby glow in the dark… I’ll be back to hunt for the navy coat with the gold buttons. Gorgeous!

  7. Tutu is soooo cute! Bet they have sold out already, will check now! thanks so much for letting us know about this range! xxx

  8. I love that navy military jacket!

    When I only had Big E I used to find shopping for boy’s clothes relatively easy, but now I have Little E looking for girls clothes is just a nightmare.

    I like her to be in fairly bright things and occasionally pinks but she’s 5 months old not 15. I want her to be a baby and not look like a tween already!

    I’ve really struggled with Next this season, which is what my budget can afford, but do secretly covet Boden and Joules.


  9. I’m getting the boys military jacket and the jumper dress with the animal face on the front for myself!

  10. Me too….love both military jackets, don’t know which one to get…i believe the collection is opening in Manchester UK on 16th November….can’t wait, love the tutu with the hooded top, wish I had a girl…x

  11. I bought one of the coats pictured above to the left and I love it, can’t beat Gap…..or my website for kids clothes 😉

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