What happens when you don’t travel with kids…


You know how we all worry about travelling abroad with our children, pushchairs that won’t be checked in, screaming toddlers on planes having tantrums, how we’ll keep them fed for 2 weeks away from their normal food, what happens when you have a 4 year old with jet lag – that list is endless isn’t it?  Well I have discovered a whole new problem and one I’d never considered!

Conversation with Miss L last night… (with permission from Miss L)

Me: ‘L, Dad and I were thinking that as we’ve spent a little too much on holidays in the last couple of years.  Next year we’ll go to Scotland and we can have a cottage for a couple of weeks’.

Miss L *Blank Look*……’Why?’

Me: ‘Well we can go and see where my family came from, stay near a beach, check out Scotland. None of us have ever been there’.

Miss L: ‘But I wanted to go and check out what career I could have in Tokyo’

Me: ‘WHAT??’

Miss L ‘Well I saw on ‘People Do the Funniest Things’ there is a kids job place in Tokyo’

Me: ‘No love, I don’t think so’ *mental note to watch Saturday afternoon TV more closely!*

Miss L: ‘Okay what about Disney then……..DISNEYLAND HONG KONG!…..yeah that would be good’

Me: ‘Ummmm no?’

Miss L: ‘How about Australia’

Me: ‘No’

Miss L: ‘Oh Mum, it’s only a day on a plane!!’

Me: ‘No!’

Miss L: *SIGH* ‘Alright…….what about Vancouver or Toronto’

Me: ….faintly……’I’ll talk to your father….’

I’ve decided that I’ll pass the problem onto him for now as our jet setting baby’s wings have to be clipped.  The world is a much smaller place for a 6 year old in 2009 than it was for me in 1978 🙂

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  1. LOL!

    I didn’t go abroad until I was 16 or on a plane until I was 19. How times have changed. I can still count the amount of times I’ve been on a plane on one hand!

    We love holiday cottages.


  2. Made me laugh because we’ve had the exact same conversations. No 1 Son has been on lots of press trips with me so he thinks it’s normal to stay in 5 star hotels and fly first class… I’ve told him he’s in for a big shock when he does his gap year. I didn’t even go abroad until I was 10, and in fact, one of my absolutely favourite holidays when I was a kid was going to Invergarry (sp?) with my family. It rained every single day and because we were staying at one of those places that insisted you left during daylight hours we use to drive and then sit in the car (it was too wet to go out) singing songs and drinking hot chocolate. When I told No 1 Son he looked at me as though I was from another planet.

  3. Oh no, I have managed to keep my two in the UK and France. I am on a back to my childhood holidays for them, much easier on the pocket, especially with our tent!!

  4. Insomniac Mummy – I know I’d not been further than South London when I was 6. I find it amazing how she takes it all in her stride.
    Teresa – thank you, she’s currently trying to find out how to go to university in the US!
    Rosie – they could go together! 😉
    Liz – LOL! Same here I’ve tried to explain about the camping trips I had as a kid and she just looks at me like I’m mad.
    TheMadHouse – you are a sensible woman! Kind of wishing we’d done that now!
    Julia – Oh for sure, she could totally do that 😉
    Modern Mother – My grandmother left in 1911 with her mother and siblings on a ship to London and was very anti ever returning so none of us have ever really bothered. God knows what happened??

  5. Yay – go Lily! A girl after my own heart, by the sounds of it. They’re just so blase these days, aren’t they? William is much the same.