Apple Fair 2009

Apple Fair is my favourite celebration held in town and we had a great time this year. It wasn’t as sunny as usual but I managed to get some good snaps to share with you.

The Stalls

The Stalls had a great selection of apple juices from local orchards, plants, woodturning, cider making, knitting and other country crafts.

apple collage2

One interesting stall was the orchard locations in Cambridgeshire and the heritage apples they produce.Β  Sadly a lot of these varieties are being lost as orchards are sold off for farm land and housing developments.

Miss L and I were fascinated by the apple peeling contest, how good are these?

There was also yurt there (sadly I didn’t get a photo) with information about Ely becoming a Transition Town which aims to help lower reliance on fossil fuels, deal the with consequences of Peak Oil and to lower the city’s Carbon Footprint. It was very informative and I’m very proud of Ely becoming such a city. Find out more about it here

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  1. Victoria – Thanks so much for the link, I love that Apple Fairs are all over, yours looked great!
    Mad House – I didn’t know Harlow Carr did one – I’ll try and get there next year
    Ian – PSML! I’m sure they’ll let you in πŸ˜‰

  2. Looks like a fun day out.

    Speaking of Orchards, Have you been to the Orchard Tea Room at Grantchester? Tea and cake on a deckchair in an orchard rain, snow or sunshine.


  3. That looks great, I love all the heritage varieties, it’s such a shame that orchards are being lost, but fairs such as this one are great for showing that there is still an interest in local, homegrown, more ‘unusual’ varieties, rather than the same varieties that you pick up at the supermarket!

  4. ooh that takes me back to trying to peel an apple in one go fot the kids – they then would throw it over their shoulder to see what letter it made and that would be the initial of who they would marry !