I’m sad…

September was one of ‘those’ months here in the Violet Posy household every electrical item suddenly seems to be on it’s last legs. My Mac is making weird noises and white screening, the kitchen is finally getting replaced along with the somewhat dead oven and microwave.  The latest thing in that long line……. the car.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been going on about getting a newer car for at least 3 years. But like all things it’s money, and while I could still get away with throwing a couple of hundred pounds worth of repairs at it every 6 months it was ok. But now it’s 9 years old, it’s done 103,000 miles, the drivers window no longer works, it’s misfiring when water gets into the sparks which means no washing windows with screen wash, don’t get it cleaned and never ever drive it in the rain!  More worryingly for me is that the misfiring means I can’t really get above 45 mph and the steering now feeling very wobbly and that lack of safety means it’s time for her to go.

So I got all excited this week, going online and comparing second hand cars should I get a 1.6 or a 1.4, what colours are available etc and I’ve finally settled on a 2004 1.6 Black Reanult Scenic – very nice and cheap (hurrah!)


I’m getting really sad about parting with my old car.  I’ve never owned a car as long as I’ve had her.  She was originally my Dad’s, he sensibly realised that Paul and I were meant to be and bought a ‘proper’ family car a Renault Scenic, knowing that at some point he’d have a grandchild that wouldn’t possibly fit her and all her stuff into either of the tiny cars we had at the time.

It was my wedding car, Dad drove me, my mum and bridesmaids to my wedding in it.


He did pass the car onto us when Miss L was born  (I have truly wonderful parents!) we sold both our little cars which enabled me to stay off work with our beautiful little girl and just had our Scenic. It was our first grown up family car.


When we had the psycho builder neighbour from hell at our old house when Miss L was a baby, we literally lived in the car to get away from him. We drove hundreds of miles in it seeking sanctuary at my parents house, B&B, Holiday cottages anywhere to escape the building working next door which often went on into the early hours.  We moved houses putting all the important stuff in the car because you can get so much in it, It’s taken us on holidays, beach trips and days out, Miss L’s first days at nursery and school she was in the car. She even decorated her window with stickers when she was about 2 and they are still on there.


So when I take her in next week to be scrapped, I suspect I’ll be distraught. I’m going to really miss my car….

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  1. Oh I feel your pain. It must be like getting rid of a member of the family. I hope you find something just as great to replace her. I have a gran scienic and she is part of the family!!

  2. My first car was a mini called Madge and I adored her.
    However, you are very lucky that you have lots of photos to look back fondly on – almost like a long lost family member!
    My husband now works for a car company so we get new cars all the time but it’s never the same as your first love x

  3. Aw, sorry to hear your car has breathed its last, but it sounds like she lived a good, long life. 🙂 Why is it that everything always seems to break down at once?

    Your blog always looks so pretty, Liz. I love its look for fall! 🙂

  4. Isn’t it funny how we can attach ourselves to such things- but I totally understand… been there done that. make sure to take a couple of pictures with your whole family with the car. Then you will always have that.
    cute post.

  5. Sorry you’ve been having breakages, it all seems to happen at one doesn’t it? But your blog is looking gorgeous so at least that’s not broken.

    I think I’ll probably feel that about my current car as it’s my first ‘own’ car if that makes sense. My Mum had a scenic like that and passed it on to my brother and his family. They’re fab cars.
    That pic of Lily is so adorable and Miss M has stuck little mermaid stickers all over her door too so that made me smile.

  6. sorry to hear about the car. And this: psycho builder neighbour from hell at our old house when Lily was a baby, we literally lived in the car to get away from him.

    Lovely wedding pics and your baby, well, just too cute!


  7. I feel for you. I have a problem leaving a car behind when I buy a new (2nd hand) one (I am now driving my third car). But both previous cars are still driving around. My first car (a Subaru Mini Jumbo) I still see regularly.
    I hope it will not be too hard on you next week.


  8. I so need a new car as well. I am so glad you got yours.

    My drivers side window doesn’t work AND my car just started the backfire thing the other day. Funny, huh?

    Love your pics of the wedding and Lily is sooo cute.

  9. Funny how you become attached to things hey? Here’s hoping the new one will hold happy memories for you eventually too.

    We have a Grand Scenic (7 seater) and it’s great.

    Loving the autumnal blog design.