Thrifty Christmas is coming…

I’ve had a couple of questions as to what ‘Thrifty Christmas’ is about, so here’s what’s happened…

I was on Twitter the other night chatting to some of my fellow Mummy Bloggers and we were swapping ideas of cheap thrifty Christmas presents to make for family and friends.ย  This year money is tight for most people and we wanted to be able to make nice, simple heartfelt gifts.ย  After about 20 minutes we realised that it might not be a bad idea to pool all the ideas we’d had sweets, flavoured vodkas, chutneys, candles etc

As a result of this brainstorm, I’ve offered to host a ‘Thrifty Christmas’ Carnival from the 9-12th November. That should give you all a month to get ideas together and write some posts and then it’ll give other bloggers time to make the gifts. So have a think, any crafts, recipes, cards, sweets anything you make for family or friends and would like to share with other bloggers.ย  One of my examples is these Tea Cup Candles I made last year for friends and as a teacher’s gift.

I’ll be putting up a Mr Linky on the post, so no need to send me anything just add your link when the Carnival is on.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! xx

(PS. If you’d like to add the Thrifty Christmas badge to your site, the code is on the left hand side of my page, just copy it all and add it to your site.)

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  1. Hi,

    It’s now just under 3 months until Christmas and I’m always looking for ideas for Christmas presents. This weekend I’m going to make a batch of Chilli and tomato Chutney to use up some of the bumper crop of tomatoes we’ve had this year. This will be great a Christmas with cold meat and also makes a great gift if you put it in a nice jar.


  2. Christmas is coming fast and for those who are looking for a great gift for friends and family, go to or Barnes& and pick up a copy of my new fantasy novel, “Gateway to DreamWorld.”

    They will curl up to a warm fire and enter a fantasy world filled with excitement and suspense

  3. Fabulous – what a great idea! I’ve JUST started having a go at crafting and am determined to make my own presents for DD who is 8.

    I’m rubbish at crafting, but am going to give it a go anyway and I might even branch out to some grown up presents too.

    Can’t wait to read other’s ideas – thanks so much for setting this up!

  4. My Mother In Law helped me out. She liked the Buttercup purse I made myslef from Made by Rae’s pattern and asked for one. She’s getting a Buttecup bag and I decided to make them for the other ladies and girls on my list. I made all but two from fabric I had in my stash too – yahoo! Now I just have to figure out something for the guys.

  5. Hi – I have something that I would like to send you as an alternative to expensive crackers for the Xmas dinner table. Good luck with it, sounds brilliant and a great amount of support and interest so far – go you! xx