Two Today and a Massive Giveaway!

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Violet Posy is Two!

Who’d have imagined that I could ramble and remember to do this for 2 years…..not me that’s for sure!. I’d like to give a huge thank you to Paul, Miss L and Betty for putting up with me blogging away for hours about ‘pretties’ and forgetting to make dinner every now and again. I love you all so much xx

Also as a thank you for all the support and kind friends I’ve made through my blog over the last couple of years I have bit of a special giveaway.  I’ve contacted all the lovely PR’s and companies I’ve come across in the last couple of years and asked for goodies and look what they came up with!  Amazingly kind, thank you to them all x

Because of the nature of some of the items I’ve had to break up the categories in UK and UK & Worldwide and Worldwide – you’ll see why.


Picture 86 are relaunching their re-vamped fashion site (Men’s, Women’s and Children) and have added new designers like Lulu Guinness, Orla Kiely and Mulberry. They have kindly donated for one lucky winner a

ONE £50 voucher to use at www.johnlewis/fashion

This can only be used online and by the 28th September 2009

(Winners are to be announced by me and this competition is not being run by John Lewis and voucher has been donated)


Picture 87

The lovely folk at the ultra chic Bicester Village Blog have donated the following prizes

ONE £50 shopping voucher

for shopping at Bicester Village Oxford (to be collected at Bicester Village)

(Please, please, please make sure you can get to Bicester Village if you win this – they cannot post it out.)

The other prizes from Bicester Village Blog are:

Radley Umbrella

Picture 92

Kenneth Turner Candle

Picture 93

Penhaligons Gift Set

Picture 94

(to be posted by me)


Picture 88

Ollie & Nic are new friends of Violet Posy and have donated this gorgeous, gorgeous bag which frankly I want. I’m going to be very jealous of whoever wins it!

Picture 89————————————————————————————————–

UK & Worldwide

Picture 90

Spin Collective longtime Violet Posy friend is offering

Two lucky winners  a Wall Sticker each to the value £30 each and he’s happy to post worldwide.

Pop over to their site and see all the different example of their work – just stunning!



I feel bad about my international readers not being able to participate in the goodies above. So just for you guys, I’ll throw in an £20 Amazon voucher from me so you can buy yourself something fabulous!.


This giveaway will be running from 20th- midnight 23rd September 2009 (which then gives the John Lewis winner 4 days to spend their voucher).  To enter, please leave me a comment below and make sure you fill out the e-mail/website details and where in the world you are, so I can contact you.

I’ll be drawing the prizes in 4 lots:

1. UK

2.  Bicester Village Blog £50 Voucher (please mention if you’d like to be entered for this in your comment AND THAT YOU CAN GET THERE)

3. UK & Worldwide

4 Worldwide

I shall be using the traditional names out of a saucepan method and a I’ll annouce the winners on the 24th September 2009.

Good Luck xx

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  1. Hi there, just found you via british mummy bloggers. Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary! Live in the UK, would love to win anything except the Bicester voucher as I’d have to venture onto the M25 to get up there and my driving’s not up to it…
    Keep up the good site…

  2. Hi Liz,

    Huge congratulations, I found you through BMB and have been pestering you for idiot’s guide to blogging! Your site looks great, I am constantly stunned at the amount of talented, inspirational women that are all out there in cyber space doing their thing. It’s a whole new wonderful world!


  3. Happy birthday to you 🙂 as you know I think your blog is fab and you do a brill job keeping me in touch with all things trendy…
    Count me in on your prizes, they all look wicked :))

  4. Hi! What a wonderfully fashionable contest you’ve got going on! I can so totally get to Bicester Village as I live on Oxfordshire!
    The blog is fantabuloso! You so rock – thanks for all the effort you’ve been putting in to blogging and especially this contest. Things like this ain’t easy!

  5. What a lovely competition, and so many wonderful prizes! That Ollie & Nic is rather gorgeous.
    I live in the UK and would love to be entered for the Bicester Village competition as I’m actually going there very soon.

    Your blog is just lovely, you must be excited to have reached two years.

    Florrie x

  6. Well done you on reaching two years of your fab blog. It’s so gorgeous and has been a real inspiration to me.
    Would LOVE to win EVERYTHING!!! 😉 Including the Bicester voucher as I live too darn close for my credit cards liking.
    Here’s to many more years! 🙂


  7. Happy Birthday to youuuuu! What a fantastic milestone and such a lovely way to mark the occasion. I’m relatively new to blogging (March this year) so hope to have a 2nd birthday of my own down the road. I’m based in Ireland (Republic) so guess that makes me worldwide (how jet-set of me!!). Enjoy plenty of cake and bubbly! 🙂

  8. Happy 2nd birthday! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next two years (and beyond) of posts! Thank you for the competition too. I live in the UK, would love to win anything except the Bicester voucher. I agree with Hot Cross Mum ‘Enjoy plenty of cake and bubbly!’

  9. Congratulations and Happy 2nd Birthday.

    I haven’t been blogging that long but love it so much, I have never read so much in my life until now 🙂 I would also LOVE to be entered into the comp pretty please xxx

  10. Hi! What a wonderfully fashionable contest you've got gojng on! I can so totally get to Bicester Village as I live on Oxfordshire!
    The blog is fantabuloso! You so rock – thanks for all the effort you've been putting in to blogging and especially this contest. Things like this ain't easy!;

  11. Congrats on being 2. Brilliant. 😀
    And can I enter in all the UK ones except Bicester please.
    It’s mad being 2 years in isn’t it? It’s changed so much. Hope you’re having cake. (It would be rude not to.)

  12. I would like to enter to win all the prizes (especially the Bicester Village vouchers) I live two miles away and I’m always there!
    BIG congratulations on your 2nd Birthday – i hope things are going they way you had planned and imagined! Its very hard in this climate! my site is New(ish) and despite a paid ad in Vogue in August it still is sooo quite!
    Best of luck for the future!
    Ps I tried to subscribe but it just takes me to a load of script!

  13. Happy 2nd Bloggiversary and what fantastic giveaways! I shall have to take inspiration from you when I hold one to celebrate my 300th post shortly.

    Could you enter me in all of the giveaways please (Bicester village just round the corner yay!)

    Also, what were your final thoughts on how the strawberry baskets and potato sacks did? Would you do them again?

  14. Two years!! Wow!! I forget I have only been going a few months. That explains why you’re such a pro!

    Can I please enter everything except the Bicester Village one as I can NOT get there! Or should I say, am too lazy too 🙂

    Thank you xx