Carolyn Quartermaine

Back in 1999 when I bought my very first property, there were very few decent home design books on the market.  So when I found this book on Amazon I was delighted. It’s now out of print, but if you ever see a copy grab it while you can. 10 years later it’s still one of my main sources of inspiration and I’ve never tired of re-reading it.

Carolyn Quatermaine is first and foremost and artist and designer, but she has also done some wonderful design and stylist work around the world – The Bluebird Restaurant London, Hotel Delos Her look is individual and not hard to acheive in your own home.  You might not realise but you will have seen her influence in all aspects of home design.

From the rise of the Louis XV chairs, and the use of ancient text on fabrics

To the use of white with pops of shocking colour and images of lace and flowers. Her work has influenced so many of us without many people realising who she is and what she’s acheived. To learn more pop over to her site, it’s stunning.

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  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this post I have this book too, and its one of my favourites, although old, it was before its time and I love just looking at the beautiful pictures. Thanks for reminding me of it and her, have just bookmarked her site.
    Oh and I have to say I am loving your blog, shaby-chic-tastic!

  2. How gorgeous is that chair?! I’m always tempted to try and paint words across fabric, but just know it will look like a three-year-old got her hands on the crayons. 🙂

    Hope all is well with you! I’m catching up on everything after a hectic (and rather poopy, if I’m honest) summer. Happy to be visiting one of my favorite online places! xo, Laura

  3. Thank you for the wonderful reminder that the work of great artists
    and designers can sometimes be found in the beauiful books they create for us.

    Carolyon Quartermaine’s book is one of my favorites.