Back in the Saddle

I’m back!  Feeling, much, much better but in hindsight I think too many on the hours on the laptop probably caused the shoulder problem.  It’s still nagging but I’m not on the co-codamol anymore which is the main thing and I now have to strictly limit my useage.  I’d like to thank you all for your lovely messages of support, and all the people on Twitter that kept me so entertained while I was laid up.

Suki_lou and her family came to visit at the weekend and good friends that they are didn’t mind that I fed them fish and chips from the chip shop – truly good friends 🙂  Her Little Miss learnt to climb our stairs and is seriously the most adorable baby!

I can feel my arm starting to ache, so a quick thankyou to Sandy, Sharon and my shopping buddy SingleParentDad for the Meme’s and awards.  I shall be knocking them out later this week – it might take me a while if this is all I can type!

Oh and I’m getting ready for my second anniversary blog birthday so hopefully there will be a giveaway coming soon too and my seasonal blog makeover.  I’m so pleased to be back x

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