Taking some time off

Not a voluntary break, but a ‘I’ve really hurt myself and I’m not allowed to use a computer break’. As I’m on the iPhone typing with my left hand here’s the long story short.

Hurt my shoulder playing with betty last weekend, angered it by using a mouse at work last week. By Friday was sobbing in pain and unable to move it at all πŸ™ Dr has prescribed tons of painkillers and anti inflamatories and NO COMPUTERS for at least week!! And it’s not better tomorrow (which it’s not) steroid shots into my shoulder, damn I’ll never be in the Olympics now LOL!

So my iPhone is my only source of sanity at the moment, so please feel free to email me, tweet me anything to distract me from the pain! Miss you all xx

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  1. sounds like you might need a godiva hot cocoa from Starbucks!!!!
    Hope you feel better,
    will miss your posts

  2. HI Liz,
    I’ve been on vacation and I am trying to read all blogposts that I missed.
    I hope your shoulder is better now.
    I was wondering how you blog throught your iPhone. Do you use an app?
    I received mine last week. I love my new toy LOL