No such thing as a free lunch…or is there?

I had an email last week from We are Social about ‘Leggera Blogger Lunches’ run by Pizza Express so bloggers could get to know each other better.

So you know me, free food and some strangers – I’m there 😉  So I’m inviting some of my hometown bloggers

@maltpress –

@emmajaner –

We know each other from Twitter as we chat most days and Emma and I have had coffee together, but it’ll be lovely to get to know them both better.  So guys consider yourself invited, look forward to hanging out with you!

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  1. With three children, Pizza Express is one of our favourite restaurants. I hate to think how much we have spent there in the past seven years. Can’t beat a glass of red wine while the girls are colouring….

  2. That sounds like fun! I’d go somewhere too for free pizza! There’s nothing like that round my way……I mean meet-ups, we have pizza express.