Fall Nesting – Harvest

Melissa at Inspired Room is running between 2-5th September ‘Fall Nesting’ or ‘Autumn Nesting’ for us Brits 🙂  I love reading this every year to see how other bloggers are preparing for autumn which is one of my favourite seasons.

I have a few projects for autumn – repainting garden furniture,  painting a table in the house, painting the sheds, digging out and cutting back large parts of the garden to tidy it, and have an ‘Autumn Clean’ in the house.  But our first project has been to harvest the apples from our ancient apple tree and gather blackberries from the garden for freezing.

Paul Harvesting the Apples

Where we live used to be an orchard for a country estate and some of the apple trees in my streets gardens are very, very old.  Our tree if not an original is a descendant of these ancient trees.  It’s a really big apple tree and every year we’ve lived here the tree has produced us a massive crop of apple which are lovely to eat or to cook.

Gorgeous Apples just out of reach!
Gorgeous Apples just out of reach!

Paul bless him got the ladder out and whilst dodging the wasps and Miss L who was ‘helping’,  tried to get as many apples as he could.  Frustratingly some, like the ones above were just too high up to reach which is such a shame!  But we managed to still fill a box, which now has to be sorted into eating/storing/freezing which is my job for tomorrow morning.

Blackeberries proved to be easier to harvest!  Our garden is more than we can cope with really and as a result we have a good few briars at the end of the garden which are loaded at this time of year with blackberries.  I collect them for freezing as they work well as a frozen berry and are fabulous in pies over the winter. Yum!


If you’d like to read about more ‘Fall Nesting’ pop over to Inspired Room, there is always a wonderful selection of ideas.

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  1. All those outside “fall chores” have been calling my name too! I’ve got to get the patio furniture painted for my new deck and pergola. Lots to do before the holidays!

  2. I’m so craving apple pie and blackberry cobbler right now. How marvelous to have such an old yet fruitful tree in your very own yard! A dream my husband and I share is to someday have land for an orchard. Now I’ll have to add blackberry bushes to our orchard!