Fall Nesting – Garden Furniture Makeover

Melissa at Inspired Room is running between 2-5th September ‘Fall Nesting’ and today’s entry from me is a garden furniture makeover.  This is embarrassing, but I’ve been meaning to re-paint our garden furniture all summer and never quite got around to it, the paint has just been sitting in the hallway looking at me.  We’ve not hosted many BBQ’s or dinners this summer as our weather has been so rotten this summer and it just never got done.

However I was out playing with the dog yesterday and as I was sitting on the table I realised quite how bad it had gotten.  This coming weekend we have Vero from That Canadian Girl and her hubby over for a BBQ and the following weekend we have Suki-Lou, her hubby and their gorgeous baby girl coming to stay.  So I thought it was time to do something about it or no one would want to sit on them!.

So with some elbow-grease from Miss L and I here is our transformation


The picnic bench


The love seat.

The whole thing took about 40 minutes to do, so I really wish I’d done it months ago now!  Still better late than never  🙂

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  1. Lovely. I just did our back garage door a few weeks ago. It’s posted on the blog too. Funny how these little jobs make such a difference.

  2. Looks fab, and great that you involved Lily in the job. It gives her a sense that things need maintenance and care to stay pretty.

    “All our sheds”
    How many sheds do you have!?

    I agree though on the smallish tasks we put off for yonks – we still have the power socket faceplate to install in the new bathroom *which we had done in January*. That’s a 5 min job drilling holes and screwing in, but we’ve yet to do it. I just claim it’s a boy-job!

  3. love your make-over – isnt’ it amazing what a little bit of paint can do!!1
    I enjoy your blog – and I agree with you -Black Cats are the best!!!
    It’s a shame you don’t have starbucks godiva hot cocoa over there – it is too die for!!!!!
    they do sell them in the stores – so let me know if you wouldl like some –
    although i do know you have Cadbury Chocolate over there and that is wonderful also – my favorite is the cadbury Snack bars.
    Have a good night

  4. Awesome! Even better – 40 minutes! That would be an all day project for me!! I have some outdoor furniture that I’ve been meaning to paint…would you like to come over for visit? 🙂


  5. Wow, what a transformation! It looks brand new again! I cannot believe that it only took you 40 minutes and it looks that good. I keep putting tasks like that off because I think they’ll take too long and once I start them I won’t have time to finish but this just goes to show what a differnce you can make in 40 minutes.

  6. What a transformation! Love the colour. By the way – look out for my blog posted on Saturday, there’s an award for you and something I’m passing on….don’t worry it’s not swine flu!

    Sharon x