Garden Must Have! {Wasp Catcher}

I’m sorry I hate wasps

They serve no purpose other than to eat my apples and try and sting me.  Last year one stung me and my arm went numb which was pretty frightening, so I really dislike them now!

We’ve had a massive problem with them this year, at one point we couldn’t walk up the steps in the garden as there were so many.   Apparently there has been a  wasp population boom due to the odd summer we’ve had.  So I bought this when I was in Holt last week

It’s a £5 wasp catcher, you fill it with the beer and they are attracted to it, fly in and drown.  I wasn’t that convinced in the store but as I was desperate I bought it and you know what…. it works!  Since it’s been up we don’t have that much of a problem, just the odd wasp not the hundred we had before.

Violet Posy Recommended!

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  1. We are having a wasp problem too- weird.
    My grandson was stung last week and ended up in the Hospital- he is fine now- but scary.

  2. We use to sell these in our stores – and loved how they worked! We did have a customer that once asked us what to do with the wasps after they were caught ~ we told her that you disposed of them, she didn’t like the thought of killing them….perhaps she could then let them go after the party? (wasn’t sure what kind of answer she wanted!!)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. oh thank you for this i will be going out to get one immediately! we have 3 pear trees and from now we are inundated with wasps!

  4. I shall get one of those asap, Heather got stung on the foot last year and I hate them in general buzzing about, we haven’t been able to enjoy eating outside this year as they are such pests!

    Glad it works

  5. I hope you all find it useful, I’ve just looked at the one that was empty yesterday and it’s now nearly full of dead wasps. I’m going to get my parents one as we just had to abandon a BBQ due to the wasps in their garden!

  6. Fantastic, I hope to get one for my back yard. I find them buzzing around, neighbors have a huge pear tree…
    I am allergic to wasps…. found that one out when visiting Mont-st-michel!! not a good place to get stung! I a country were I have to speak french in a panic, stressful!!

  7. We use home-made versions of these.

    If you take a large lemonade (or other) plastic bottle, cut it in half around the middle.

    Put some honey/beer/orange juice in the bottom half of the bottle.

    Turn the top half upside down and sit it in the bottom half.

    Dot around the garden. The wasps can fly in but can’t get out. Evil but highly, highly effective.

    Yours is prettier, though.