Our adventures in North Norfolk continue, last week Miss L and I went to Holt with my Mum, as we’d not been there before.  Holt is a really ancient market town near the coast, and is  full of boutiques and yummy eateries.  We had the most gorgeous eggs benedict breakfast at one of the teahouses called No 28, Miss L was eying up the amazing looking fairy cakes.  It was decorated in a very glamorous fashion I especially liked the chandelier upstairs, you can see a picture of it below I couldn’t resist taking a snap.


From the brown awning shop (sorry I didn’t catch the name of it) I bought a wasp catcher as we’re having massive problems with wasps around our apple tree – which has worked better than I could have imagined! I also picked up a metal oval bucket which I could either fill with plants or ice and beer for summer BBQ’s, it’s currently being used for carrying food and other odds and sods down to the BBQ area of the garden – works a treat!

You have to get there early for parking as the whole place seemed to be full when we left at 11.30am, but well worth an early morning start.  It’s a great place to while away a day.

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  1. Sounds like a nice place, I’ve never been down to Norfolk but when I do I’ll make sure I drop by Holt to have a nose!

  2. Teresa – You’d love it – come visit one day!

    Amy – It’s a lovely place to visit if you are in the area 🙂

    Jo – come visit and we’ll go – they have awesome cakes!!

  3. Am far too late in commenting I know – but I’ve been away!!! But I saw ‘Holt’ in my blog roll briefly a while ago and I just had to come back. My parents used to live near there and we’d always visit (long before it was chic and classy). There used to be just one coffee shop (on the High Street) called the Beehive. It served jacket potatoes with sweetcorn and we used to leave with our hair and clothes smelling of cooking oil. But we loved it all the same. Oh how little Holt has changed. There’s a fantastic cake / coffee shop now – can’t even remember the name but I know it used to be a hardwear store (begins with B I thnk). Anyway, that’s my two pennies worth on Holt for you!

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