2010 Ikea Catalogue is here!

I know this is really pathetic, but one of the highlights of my year is when the new Ikea Catalogue comes out in August.  I used to live in Croydon and I could see the ‘Twin Towers’ of Ikea from my kitchen window. A lot of the furnishing of my first home came from Ikea and I still have a soft spot for the store.  I like the way they deal with small space living, my first home was about 600sq ft and the lounge was also the bedroom so a lot of my inspiration came from visiting the little Ikea rooms in the store.

Now there’s three of us living in 1200sq ft so the problem hasn’t really changed that much. In fact thinking about it I had more space to myself in that tiny first apartment!  So although it’s not to some people’s taste I still think Ikea has a role in many people’s home.  It’s cheap, designed for small homes and if you choose right – really stylish!

So here are my picks of the new 2010 Catalogue


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  1. I got all excited when we were sent an A3-size Ikea catalogue on the newsdesk because you could see the pictures so much better than the ‘ordinary’ one the plebs are given!
    I live about a 20 minute drive from TWO Ikea stores. I spend a lot of time there!

  2. I love Ikea to bits. I remember when the first one was opened in Amsterdam. I dragged my sister there (250km) by train to visit it.
    Now I have one a 5 minutes drive away from me.

  3. Oh how lovely. Forgot the new one came out in August.

    Is it too naff to say a lot of our stuff still comes from Ikea (kitchen, chairs, bookcases, kids’ beds etc)?

    Love that red sofa {she says, off to browse their site to find out what it’s called..}.

  4. Tara – A3 size catalogue – Oh my word I would have been ecstatic too 🙂

    Marianne – You are so lucky to live so close!

    Deb – Most of our stuff still comes from Ikea it’s cheap and lasts forever – nothing wrong with that!!

    And you all….having lived 10 minutes from one, my nearest two are now a 2 hour drive in either directions *SOB* Luckily large items I can get delivered just not the cool little things, so I have to depend on ebay 🙁

  5. Ooh there’s nothing like a good old sit down with a cup of tea and the new Ikea catalogue. Hope the new one gets posted through our door soon…Love the writing desk and the white chaise longue, but not so keen on the rocking chair but that’s probably because they used to have them in the ‘bistro’ at the end of our road and they bring back bad memories!

  6. God i love IKEA! just moved into a new place and have been going back and forward non stop

  7. Maternal Tales – we don’t get one delivered anymore so I can only look at the online one. LOL! at the Bistro comment 🙂

    Luphia – glad you feel the same!

    HSH – Nothing better than buying somewhere and having fun in Ikea 🙂

  8. I love Ikea to bits and was really excited when one opened here in Milton Keynes. I spend quite a lot of time there. It’s worrying that my two year old daughter now shouts ‘Ikea’ whenever we pass it.

    Thanks for reminding me the new catalogue is out, I’ll have to go and pick one up.