But She’s Pretty…

As you know my husband is very tolerant of my Shabby Chic/Cath Kidston habit  He doesn’t moan about sleeping in a rosy duvet, or the dining room chairs I made over with Kidston fabric.  But I made a new purchase and he’s not feeling it’s patchwork beauty – he described it as ugly!

But I think it looks lovely on the chaise in our bedroom, which is my magazine/coffee snuggling area

What do you think?

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  1. Husband clearly blind – it’s v pretty.

    We have a pretty patchwork armchair that my chap doesn’t understand either. I think only women truly have the patchwork gene.

  2. Thanks guys, I think it’s really pretty especially as the middle panel is embroidered – glad you both like it too.

    IM – you should join us with the shabby chic especially if you can sew – I wish I could!!

  3. I have to agree with the patchwork gene. My husband won’t go for girlie patchwork either. I think it’s lovely.

  4. Sandy Calio – have fun making it, do a post when you have I’d love to see it.

    Sandi – Glad I’m not alone in having a patchwork gene 🙂

  5. You know, I’m torn when it comes to patchwork…

    I think it’s very very pretty and a nice way to mix and match. But at the same time, it hopelessly reminds me of my raver days: I made a pair of blue trousers into super-wide-bottom ones by adding a triangle insert in the side. It was made out of a patchwork of small squares which took me a LONG time to find & sew together. What was I thinking!?

    Anyway, tell the hubby to shut his pie-hole, we like it 😉

  6. Kim – It’s not from Cath’s store, but a lady who makes them in our town and has a small shop, she does lovely work.

    Janet – look forward to seeing what you make xx

    Ella – Thankyou x

    Vero – You can tell him when you see him next 😉 Still LOL at your trousers they sound hilarious!