At the weekend, mainly to avoid doing lots of gardening we decided to head up to the North Norfolk Coast.  We’re really lucky that it’s only about an hour away, and I can’t believe it took us so long to find the wonderful beaches up there! We only discovered them about 3 years ago, which is utterly shameful but they are such a well kept secret.

We went to Brancaster Beach which is about 20 minutes from Kings Lynn and is the kind of beach you don’t imagine exists in the UK.  The car park was almost full and they’d opened the overflow one too but this is what the beach looked like


The beach is so big that it looked almost empty!  Miss Miss L had lots of fun making sand castles, a sand sphinx and a sand pyramid with the help of daddy, while I laid in the sun.  I wish I’d thought to pack a picnic to have on the beach but a stop off for tea at the Orange Tree pub at Thornham worked just as well.

We didn’t get time to go to Burnham Market which has some of my favourite shops in East Anglia –  Humble Pie which just sells the yummiest food and Norfolk Living which is shabby chic heaven and is the place to go for vintage gardening items.  But I still have 4 weeks of the summer holidays to go so I suspect I’ll get up there before the end of the holidays.

I must admit that every time we go up to the North Norfolk coast we both mutter about moving there to live near the beach, but the houses are expensive (if beautiful!), little work and schools are few and far between.  But it’s on the list of things to do if we win lottery 😉

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  1. If you have an hour and a few spare pounds (or not even) visit Unique in Castle Rising. Its full of the most beautiful furniture, bits an bobs, ornaments etc. There is a tea room too so maybe leave Lilly and DH in there while you browse!

    1. Oh is that related to Unique near Kings Lynn on the A10?? I *love* that shop. I will pop by the Castle Rising one when we’re up there next no question!

  2. What an awesome day! What to take advantage of your family time. You’re right, it looks like you guys had the beach to yourselves. So neat.

  3. gorgeous beach!!!
    When I lived in California, I lived at the beach and I miss it terribly. There is something amazing about the ocean.
    I hope to be back bloggin soon, I just have so much going on my head is killing me. but I do hope to keep stopping by:)

  4. Look at that skyline! Gorgeous. And I love that you said that car park was almost full, yet the beach is that empty. That’s fabulous of them to keep out the riff raff. 🙂

    Hope your summer is going well…I’ve been so out of the loop!