Garden, what garden??

Yesterday we realised we couldn’t actually get out to our garden.  The apple tree and briar’s had taken over during our holiday and now the only person who could get up there was Betty!


4 hours, a lot of blood and swearing from the thorns in the briars later

Look I can get up to the garden without being knocked in the head by the apple tree! Oh and if anyone has any apple recipe’s kicking about you think I’ll like please send them to me. I’ll be needing them, I think we’re going to have a bumper year.

But it’s left us with a problem bed, it’s the one nearest the house and therefore what we look at from the dining room and kichen.  Until we got into it, it was not pretty but green and then we went a bit mad ripping the briar’s out.  It now looks dead ugly

I think the best idea is in a month or so to dig the whole thing out and to start again.  But what to place there?  It’s in the sun in the afternoon, the soil is heavy and it’s about 12ft by 8ft and I’m having a creative gardening drought.

All ideas welcome!

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  1. your garden walk to the apple tree is pure heaven!!! I hope to have a back yard all heavenly next year…. doing so much maintenance this year.
    Apple Crumble

    cut up apples an place in a deep dish, sprinkle with castor sugar and a bit of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla.

    in a bowl, cut butter (about 4 oz) and flower until crumbly. add castor sugar (about 3 oz) mix
    pack onto fruit.
    Oven, mark 5 or 375 35-45 minutes until golden brown on top.

    serve with vanilla ice cream or custard or heavy cream.

    sorry, i don’t ever measure anything.


  2. We have yucky heavy soil and I just keep digging in homemade compost every year. It seems to work well. Then you should be able to plant what you want. The only cheat here I should mention is that we have horrible leylandi (sp?) we have to trim pretty harshly every year so the council comes and chops the cuttings to compost bags for me so we always have free light compost. Have fun!

  3. Callie – I look forward to seeing how your garden looks next year! Thanks so much for the Apple Crumble recipe, I’ve never made it before and I never would have thought of adding a spash of vanilla to the apple – yum! Thanks x

    Sandi – I think you’re right we are going to have to add a lot of compost to the area, it’s been covered in compacted plants for years so the soil needs lots of improvement. We’ll be doing a *lot* of digging! 🙂

  4. Love the path to the garden- and apples- at least the birds let you have them- WE have yet to get an apple without a hole pecked in it-

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous garden lovely. All that green. What about some veggies??

    Or a herb garden??

    Or a swimming pool? I would so love a swimming pool. 😀

    1. LOL! We could get a swimming pool in there and if we ever win the lottery it’s on the list 😉 Herb garden..hmmm near the kitchen – worth a thought!

  6. Hi Liz – very impressive before and after shots, there – must have been loads of hard work. And is that sunshine I see making an appearance in your photos? We haven’t seen such a thing down here in the South West for weeks now. Have just awoken to yet another morning of relentless cloud cover and drizzle. Oh, how I love August!

  7. Urgh it’s horrid here today as well nothing but gray clouds and rain – another wonderful British summer! 😉