Space Shuttle Launch

This was the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour we saw on holiday.  It was the 8th final launch as the shuttle is being retired next year. Forgive the slightly crappy video but I was trying to watch the sky and not the view finder, which made it hard to shoot.

I look forward to see the new Constellation class ships when they lanch in 2011 – I’m such a geek ;).

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  1. I am a geek too!!:)
    my grandmother worked for Ford Aero space and made the circuit boards for the space shuttle. I wish I would have asked her more about it when she was alive.
    very cool video, I like how is a bit shaky making it real!!

  2. Thanks Callie, that’s so cool your grandmother worked there. She was a complete pioneer working in Aerospace! Geeks unite 🙂