Long Time No Blog


We’re back from Florida!

We had bit of an eventful start, the kennels weren’t expecting Betty despite me e-mail and then phoning to confirm our booking. I had images of having to find someone to look after her for 2 weeks and everyone was at work.  But luckily the guy accepted it was his mistake and still took her in – phew!  Then I noticed I had some bruise/blood blisters on my arm and felt a bit sick, so I was terrified I had meningitis.  After laying on the bed for a bit feeling ill, I turned over and realised that down the side of our bed the mattress has a zip…..and that’s where the bruises had come from!  So feeling a bit silly, I announced that I didn’t have meningitis but stupidity and we could leave the house…ooops!

The next worry was about where we were staying after reading some horror stories on Trip Advisor.  I’d booked it on the basis of good reviews that I’d read about it earlier in the year so I was praying it was ok.  But as it turned out it couldn’t have been better, in fact the apartment was nicer and had more floor space than our house.  We felt like the Extreme Makeover team had been in there taking pity on us tiny housed Brits.  So we’ve now been spoilt and are wondering why we don’t have 3 flat screen 40 inch TV’s, spa bath and a dishwasher???  I  think if we had the same bath here, it’d take out the top floor of our house as it was massive and heavy without water in it!  So the moral of the story is don’t read Trip Advisor reviews after you’ve booked somewhere, it’ll drive you nuts 😉

Disney World and Sea World were great as always, and Miss L preferred Sea World which was unexpected. Soarin’ at Epcot is the most amazing ride and well worth a fast pass the queues for it were almost 2 hours long.  Miss L loved the small rollercoasters and is looking forward to being bigger and going on the large scary rollercoasters…on her own!  They look bloody terrifiying, so I’m not going on them LOL!

We saw Space Shuttle Endeavour take off and drove through a mini Tornado in the same day!.  The shuttle launch was amazing, it’s one of those ‘proud to be a human’ moments, it was really emotional which we weren’t expecting. The though Tornado literally scared the crap out of me – driving through one is beyond terrifying I never ever want to do that again!.  The biggest highlight had to have been our friends from Miami who drove up to visit us for a long weekend, we had an absolute blast and we got to eat at Texas de Brasil which was magnificent – seriously we need some of those in the UK!

Although I had my iPhone with me and free Wifi in our apartment, I was so switched off from the internet that I didn’t even notice that my blog had gone down for 5 days!!  I’ve decided that maybe it’s a little more healthy to be like that, so I intend to blog less this summer and get more done round the house and out with Miss L.

So I’ll be posting less, but hopefully better posts if that makes any sense?  Hope you’re all having a good summer x

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  1. SOO glad you had a wonderful trip!! It is especially awesome that you got to see a shuttle take-off while in Florida! I have never seen one live, and I can only imagine that it is rather emotional! By chance, did Lily ride Dumbo on my behalf?! 😉

    ~angela @ peonypatch

    Angela’s last blog post..I’m Still Here!

    1. There were *lots* of Dumbo rides Lilys new favourite, along withe the Teacups that made me feel sick for the first time!! Loved everything there 🙂

  2. Good for you – it’s so important to detech – I’m becoming more in need of fresh air and a good walk or bike ride to clear my head of the muddle. So lovely to have you back and I’ve tagged you in the blame Tara Cain – tee hee x

  3. I just saw your comment over at my place…you’re back!! Yay!

    I would have loved to have watched Betty, but I reckon it would have been tough to arrange that. 🙂 And…I literally just LOLd at, “…I announced that I didn’t have meningitis but stupidity and we could leave the house.” HA! And OMG a TORNADO? That’s definitely much scarier than any ride Disney can dish up.

    I’ll be (have been) detaching a bit this summer, too. Too much to do, so little time! But I’ll definitely be checking in with my bloggy friends…just maybe weekly instead of daily (which I’ve found…is quite the time sucker, huh?!).

    Glad you had a nice holiday and welcome back! Enjoy the rest of your summer…


  4. i am so glad you had such a wonderful time. yay! I am happy your back.
    Isn’t ‘Soaring’ the coolest ride. When I worked at Disney Imagineering, I knew a few of the guys working on the development/concept of that ride! I loved it when it opened at Disney’s California Adventure (was there first, then at Epcot) I must have soared about 10 times the day I went (we got to play in the park before the big grand opening!! so the lines were not as long as normal)

    Completely understand the pulling back a bit, this summer has been crazy and I only have a dog. I don’t know how you do it…. great posts and still have a family life. I will miss your dailies but promise us you will post more in the winter:) we will miss you terribly!

    thanks for coming by my blog today.

  5. I was just going to email you to check and see that you were okay- glad you had a nice time and that everything is okay.

  6. Good to hear you all had a great time, Liz. I SO know what you mean about Tripadvisor – it’s great for reading reviews before you book (and interesting to read when you get back), but NEVER NEVER read them after you book – it’ll only drive you nuts!

    We’re going to Antigua on our annual big family holiday in October, and my mother keeps phoning me and saying ‘oh dear, I’ve just read on Tripadvisor that ……’ I’ve told her now that I don’t want to know any more. Besides which, I always think that people want to share their bad experiences more than their good ones, and Tripadvisor can be a little dangerous in that way, IMHO.

    Have a fab summer (let’s hope the weather improves!)

  7. You must have been there same time as us, James missed the shuttle launch as he went to Kennedy on sat and sun and then gave up. We saw the tornadoes on the TV, glad you got through it OK although the storms were amazing. Heather and Matthew loved Magic Kingdom, especially the Dumbo ride and Heather loved Thunder Mountain!
    Glad you didn’t have meningitis, take care .

  8. Nixd – Thanks for the tag, I now have about 8 to answer!! That’ll teach me to put off doing them into one lump 😉 Thanks hon!! x

    Laura – Good to know I can always send you Betty!! I felt like such an idiot with the meningitis scare, but I felt so ill and the bruises just terrified me. My family think that the ‘zip’ meningitis is hilarious and they have laughed at me lots. Glad it made you giggle too 🙂

    Callie – Soarin’….well everyone on the ride clapped and cheered at the end – including us. Just wonderful, I’m so jealous you got to ride it so much 🙂 Btw thanks so much for telling me it’s at Disneyland as well, Lily is now hell bent on going to California next summer. I suppose we’ll have to go with her – LOL!

    Teresa – Thankyou for checking in on us ((HUGS)) xx

    Caroline – Good luck with the Antigua trip! Like you say Trip Advisor can be really helpful but so unhelpful in other ways. Good idea getting your mother to stop reading it now, it does just drive you insane. I spent weeks worrying about it and then it turned out to be brilliant and we’d go back in a heartbeat.

    Melanie – So pleased you had such a great time too, Lily loved Thunder Mountain and Dumbo too. The storms were stunning weren’t they, I couldn’t live with them all the time though. Sorry James missed the launch we went on Saturday/Sunday too – where did he go to see it? We were in Titusville. Paul was hellbent on seeing it, you should have heard me moan on the 4th trip over there, thankgod they launched that day!. I’ll put the video on here as soon as I upload it, it’s not brilliant but gives you a good idea of what it was like x

    I’m glad I’m not the only one stepping away from their blog a bit this summer, it just starts feeling like another chore rather than something fun and I don’t want it to become that. But I’ll be still be adding things to tumblr as I see them, tumblr is lovely for that. Right off to play with Betty, she’s being all cute and good at the moment – it won’t last long before she’s ‘Marley’ again 😉

  9. Wow, a shuttle take off, that must have been so cool! I hope you’ll be doing some posts about DisneyWorld, as I love that place. x

  10. Wow. Sounds like an awesome trip! We still haven’t made it to Disney World. (My sweet daughter is saving her money though and is up to $56!) So glad it was wonderful.

  11. Sounds like you had fun. What a great place you had to stay in as well. I would love to see the shuttle launch. Sometimes it lands out here in California if the weather is bad in Florida, but it seems like there is never enough notice to get out to the desert to see it land. Glad you are home safe and sound.