Where are the bugs?

I’ve not been out in the garden much recently because of my hayfever which is why I’d not noticed……but where are the bees, butterflies and ladybirds in my garden?  I’ve just spent an hour out in my garden and where normally at this time of year my massive butterfly bush (Buddelia)  is covered with butterflies and the garden is filled with the hum of bees.

Now… nothing

This would of course explain why I have no roses and very little the way of other flowers.  The only insect I found out there was a large bumble bee walking round in circles on the floor, obviously disoriented and in  distress.  The other thing that should have tipped me off is the amount of greenfly, normally my beautiful ladybirds are feasting on them but I can’t see one. In fact I didn’t even see a wasp or a hoover fly either and they are always kicking around the garden.

Now I don’t use any pesticides or herbicides, I work on the if it can grow there then it’s meant to be and let nature take care of it.  However I don’t think the farmer who owns the fields behind me subscribes to the same ethos. The fields get sprayed regularly, god alone knows what with.  On those days, I always keep Miss L and Betty in the house, just in case and looking at the decimation of all bug life in my garden I’m pleased I have.

It’s now worrying me, we have a very insect friendly garden and I want our little friends back but I’m not sure they’re there anymore.  Has anyone else had this happen in their garden this year?

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  1. That is very strange!! it has to be something the farmer is spraying in his fields. Not even sure how to get them back…… could you go to a garden center and see if they have lady bugs and butterflies for sale to release in your garden to see if that would help???

    Also, if you know the days he sprays, maybe cover your plants exceptally the ones that you may be eating!! I now that is a pain but it may help.

    I hope the bugs come back soon!!!
    I planted a few Phlox with pretty pink flowers, they are supposed to attract butterflies and the very first day I saw many coming into the garden. Will need to get more of those pretty plants.

    give us an update on any activity!

    callie grayson’s last blog post..HAPPY FRIDAY!

  2. I’ve seen a couple of bees but no butterflies or ladybirds and the aphids are absolutely feasting on the produce we’re trying to grow. I live in a seaside town right near the beach (no farms in the immediate area). We didn’t have a single aphid on our plants last summer but this summer – oy, it’s a problem.

    JenM’s last blog post..Peace

  3. LOL – how funny…I have just posted about all the bugs flying into the house & getting trapped…but not the nice bugs, like ladybirds, bumble bees etc…horrible ones like black flying bugs, wasps etc..

    I have been busy in the garden today and apart from an overwhelming number of snails and spiders, I cant say I have seen any butterflies, ladybirds or even greenfly! Maybe they all went on holiday coz it was too hot for them?

    Flugl’s last blog post..Bugs…

  4. Lots of snails and slugs here, a few butterflies (though lots up the park), and plenty of woodlice. Only an occassional bee (I’m sure I read somewhere that their numbers are down considerably at the moment). Don’t remember the last time I saw a ladybird. Not really too close to any farms spraying, so maybe it’s just a thing this year?

    Coding Mamma (Tasha)’s last blog post..Rosemary tells us about her Mummy and Daddy

  5. I’ve noticed the exact same thing. I have not seen one ladybird yet this year which is really strange. It does make you wonder what is going on.

  6. We’ve got loads and loads of ladybirds and butterflies this year (also aphids!). As we live in central London, maybe it is to do with the farmer. It’s very smug middle class round here, so I suspect most people garden organically.

    Victoria’s last blog post..Give us a tinkle on the old joanna*

  7. It’s interesting it seems to be more widespread than just where I live, except for in Central London – LOL!! Hopefully they’ll reappear before the end of summer?

  8. That is odd! The bumblebees came early (and often!) to my little patch of garden this year! Honeybees are really disappearing…I watched a special on public television a few months back documenting how their migratory pattern is all screwed up – many attribute it to the proliferation of cell phones. Imagine that!

    We don’t get many butterflies at all in my neck of the woods, but I have planted a sort of butterfly friendly garden so I’m hopeful. There’s also been a lot of talk in the States about the disappearance of lightning bugs. Now they are something we used to have a LOT of, but rarely see anymore.

    laura @ the shore house’s last blog post..A kazoo is not a toy.