Iron Cupcake


When I was away on holiday my lovely friend and 2003 Baby Board Buddy Amanda of PMT Cupcakes won the Iron Cupcake Competition in London!  How cool is that??

Read more about it at Amanda’s Blog and here at Iron Cupcake

I’m so proud of her 🙂

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Space Shuttle Launch

This was the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour we saw on holiday.  It was the 8th final launch as the shuttle is being retired next year. Forgive the slightly crappy video but I was trying to watch the sky and not the view finder, which made it hard to shoot.

I look forward to see the new Constellation class ships when they lanch in 2011 – I’m such a geek ;).

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They’re back!

Lying on the sofa yesterday I glanced out the window and look who was back

The butterflies!!

We’re so pleased to see them, it just must have been too early for them last month.  There’s still not a lot of bees about but more than before.  I’ve counted about 15 so hopefully they have found somewhere nearby to nest (hopefully not in the chimney!)

The reason I was on the sofa watching the butterflies is that I’ve been ill since we got back. I caught some sort of flu bug on the plane home from Florida.  It might have been mild swine flu as it totally knocked me out. I woke up the night we returned with joint pain, high temperature, running nose, sore throat and a runny tummy – delightful!  But as you’re not allowed near a Doctor here for testing and from what I hear Tamiflu is worse than the actual flu. I just stayed in bed and on the sofa for three days, drinking lots of juice and sleeping.

Seven days later I’m still getting over it.   I keep falling asleep at the drop of a hat and if I walk too far or do anything as simple as the washing up then I come out in a cold sweat, and I have to sit down.  So if it was swine flu I wouldn’t want to have the full blown version!!  Luckily Paul and Miss L seem to be immune and totally healthy, long may that continue!.

But it has given me some time to catch up on my Sky + viewing, of all the programmes I missed while I was away – just how good is House? Loving Hugh Laurie this season!. I’ve also really got into The Home Show which is utter genius, it has architect George Clarke redesigning people’s homes to how they actually live, rather than putting up with the way the house currently is.  I’d love him to come and sort our house out, but I don’t think we have the budget for that to happen LOL!

So all inspired we went shopping to Homebase to check out kitchens, bathrooms and new paint.  While we were there I picked up this cute stripy cushion to bring some colour into the lounge.  I think it works really well with the chair, Betty and her new dogbed.  I’d love a rug to match but it might just be too stripy in here?

What do you think?

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Long Time No Blog


We’re back from Florida!

We had bit of an eventful start, the kennels weren’t expecting Betty despite me e-mail and then phoning to confirm our booking. I had images of having to find someone to look after her for 2 weeks and everyone was at work.  But luckily the guy accepted it was his mistake and still took her in – phew!  Then I noticed I had some bruise/blood blisters on my arm and felt a bit sick, so I was terrified I had meningitis.  After laying on the bed for a bit feeling ill, I turned over and realised that down the side of our bed the mattress has a zip…..and that’s where the bruises had come from!  So feeling a bit silly, I announced that I didn’t have meningitis but stupidity and we could leave the house…ooops!

The next worry was about where we were staying after reading some horror stories on Trip Advisor.  I’d booked it on the basis of good reviews that I’d read about it earlier in the year so I was praying it was ok.  But as it turned out it couldn’t have been better, in fact the apartment was nicer and had more floor space than our house.  We felt like the Extreme Makeover team had been in there taking pity on us tiny housed Brits.  So we’ve now been spoilt and are wondering why we don’t have 3 flat screen 40 inch TV’s, spa bath and a dishwasher???  I  think if we had the same bath here, it’d take out the top floor of our house as it was massive and heavy without water in it!  So the moral of the story is don’t read Trip Advisor reviews after you’ve booked somewhere, it’ll drive you nuts 😉

Disney World and Sea World were great as always, and Miss L preferred Sea World which was unexpected. Soarin’ at Epcot is the most amazing ride and well worth a fast pass the queues for it were almost 2 hours long.  Miss L loved the small rollercoasters and is looking forward to being bigger and going on the large scary rollercoasters…on her own!  They look bloody terrifiying, so I’m not going on them LOL!

We saw Space Shuttle Endeavour take off and drove through a mini Tornado in the same day!.  The shuttle launch was amazing, it’s one of those ‘proud to be a human’ moments, it was really emotional which we weren’t expecting. The though Tornado literally scared the crap out of me – driving through one is beyond terrifying I never ever want to do that again!.  The biggest highlight had to have been our friends from Miami who drove up to visit us for a long weekend, we had an absolute blast and we got to eat at Texas de Brasil which was magnificent – seriously we need some of those in the UK!

Although I had my iPhone with me and free Wifi in our apartment, I was so switched off from the internet that I didn’t even notice that my blog had gone down for 5 days!!  I’ve decided that maybe it’s a little more healthy to be like that, so I intend to blog less this summer and get more done round the house and out with Miss L.

So I’ll be posting less, but hopefully better posts if that makes any sense?  Hope you’re all having a good summer x

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Where are the bugs?

I’ve not been out in the garden much recently because of my hayfever which is why I’d not noticed……but where are the bees, butterflies and ladybirds in my garden?  I’ve just spent an hour out in my garden and where normally at this time of year my massive butterfly bush (Buddelia)  is covered with butterflies and the garden is filled with the hum of bees.

Now… nothing

This would of course explain why I have no roses and very little the way of other flowers.  The only insect I found out there was a large bumble bee walking round in circles on the floor, obviously disoriented and in  distress.  The other thing that should have tipped me off is the amount of greenfly, normally my beautiful ladybirds are feasting on them but I can’t see one. In fact I didn’t even see a wasp or a hoover fly either and they are always kicking around the garden.

Now I don’t use any pesticides or herbicides, I work on the if it can grow there then it’s meant to be and let nature take care of it.  However I don’t think the farmer who owns the fields behind me subscribes to the same ethos. The fields get sprayed regularly, god alone knows what with.  On those days, I always keep Miss L and Betty in the house, just in case and looking at the decimation of all bug life in my garden I’m pleased I have.

It’s now worrying me, we have a very insect friendly garden and I want our little friends back but I’m not sure they’re there anymore.  Has anyone else had this happen in their garden this year?

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Teacher’s Floral Gifts

My Mum is awesome!  So you know I was complaining that all my flowers had disappeared, so I couldn’t make any flower bouquets for Miss L’s teachers and teaching assistants.  Well look why my wonderful mother arrived with yesterday.

A giant bucket of flowers from her garden!!

So this morning at 6am, I put these together for the 6 Teachers and TA’s and also the headmistress and the school secretary

I’m so pleased with them and everyone loved them which made Miss L very happy 🙂  Thank you Mum you are the best xx

Woo hoo the summer holidays are here!!

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