Cute Children’s Nightwear

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I was putting the washing away this morning and I realised two things.

1. Miss L has a *lot* of nightwear

2. She’s grown out of it all AGAIN!

So as it’s time to go shopping.  I think I like buying night clothes so much because at the moment she doesn’t care what she wears to bed, so I still get a complete say over it – about the only thing I do anymore!

I came across these gorgeous floral print nighties atThe Travelling Souk who’d sent me details of their new range.

How gorgeous?

The Travelling Souk is based on Fair Trade principles, proportion of every sale is given to charity, so I can shop and feel good about it.  Now that is my kind of shopping!

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Sports Day

Yesterday we had Miss L’s Sports Day, I cannot believe that Year 1 is drawing to a close and she only has another year at her school before moving to ‘big school’.  It’s gone by in a heartbeat.


I love that her school has a proper sports day with running races (Miss L got a 2nd & 4th)  an egg and spoon races and the super sweet sibling race which seems to get bigger every year.  I forget how tiny the nursery children are when they are standing next to their strapping older brothers and sisters.  I get broody everytime!

As you can see we had amazing weather and after all the races the children had strawberries and cream followed by rolling down a massive hill, I don’t think any of them were sick they were too busy with rolling and tree climbing.

It really was one of those wonderful perfect summer childhood days

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Hooked on…the Seaside

Photo Credit: Squaregraphs Photostream on Flickr
Photo Credit: Squaregraph's Photostream on Flickr

It’s Hooked on Friday and this week, mine this week is the Seaside.

I’d love to live by the sea, I have tried many times to live at the coast and have failed.  There was the Regency Apartment in Brighton which fell through, and 13 years later I’m still smarting from that. It was small but had 14 foot ceilings, bow windows, tiny balcony and if you craned you head the right way a seaview.  But as it turned out, it was falling down and the bank wouldn’t lend me the money on it.  I would like to point out to the bank that it’s still there!!

Kitsilano Beach

There was my heavenly 6 months in Vancouver living 2 blocks from Vanier Park and Beach. Where we try and visit whenever we can and would one day like to settle as a family.

But while we’re still in the UK whenever we get the chance we visit the North Norfolk coast and the beaches at Brancaster, Holkham (where Shakespeare in Love was filmed) and Wells next the Sea and the delightful villages that lie next to them.

Brancaster Beach

One day we’ll live by the sea, but in the meantime I can visit all these wonderful places over and over.

Where’s your favourite beach?

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Garden Lighting

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Photo Credit: Grand Illusions

I’ve been scouring the internet for garden lighting.  We don’t have power in our garden, and although we have a few solar lights scattered here and there I prefer the romantic light of candles for evening BBQ’s and dinner parties.  I think there is nothing more inviting that having candles hooked on trees, scattered on picnic tables, tacked onto outbuildings and dangling from gazebo’s.

Photo Credit: Grand Illusions
Photo Credit: Grand Illusions

However finding them is easier said than done. I’ve hunted high and low and not really found anything I liked! Imagine my delight when Grand Illusions

approached me and showed me their new range.

Photo Credit: Grand Illusions
Photo Credit: Grand Illusions

Aren’t these beautiful?  And they come in green, lilac, pink and turquoise, ideal for any colour themed garden or party. Also because they have votivesin them,  it means they are less likely to blow out in a breeze.  Which is essential in a garden like mine as we back onto fields.

Now Mum if you are reading this look away now….

Photo Credit: Grand Illusions
Photo Credit: Grand Illusions

I’m thinking of buying these for my parents as they are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this month.  These would look amazing in my parent’s ‘white’ garden and around the summer house and are a bargain £7.25 each which for a stylish garden light is very reasonable.

I can’t wait to order these and have a party now!

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Help the Heroes – One Woman and her Bike

helpMy friend Julie has decided to take on a challenge to raise money for Help the Heroes.  It’s is a fabulous charity helping service people who have been injured in current conflicts, as shamefully the British government aren’t doing much about it.  I come from a service family, my Dad, Grandad and Great Grandfathers were all in the Army.  Although I might not agree with the wars we’re currently fighting, you can’t just leave these brave people to their own devices when they get home injured.  They have fought for our country and should be treated respectfully and cared for properly which is not happening as it should and hopefully this charity is having an impact on changing that.

Julie is my new hero, as frankly I couldn’t cycle from one end of town to the other.  However she is going to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  If you’re a bit rusty on British Geography that’s a 1000 miles, the whole length of the country. And to achieve this in 12 days, she’s going to be cycling a massive 90 miles a DAY! My bottom is sore just thinking about it!!.

I know times are hard at the moment, but if you have any spare change kicking around and you’d like to help,  Julie’s sponsor page is here

Thank you xx

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Saved from the Rain

Last night we were forecast heavy rain, a typical British summer!  I looked out in the garden and realised that my peonies which have just opened and the roses were about to get completely ruined.  So I cut a lot of them to bring them indoors and enjoy them in here. I wish I could have left them in my fruit bowl, don’t they look gorgeous? But they are now all over the house in pretty much every container I could find.  I don’t mind it rained now!

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Traditonal or Modern?

I was reading an article about the ‘Traditional Look’ vs ‘Modern’ and it made me think. As you know I’m a shabby chic girl partly because it’s a look I like and partly through circumstance having a small child and overgrown puppy.  However as much as I like the look of a traditional, comfy, slip-covered sofa sometimes I see a modern or more funky look and I get a little seduced

I really like the dramatic dark neutral colour and low level arms on these sofas.   The chandelier and fake fur throw throw adds and instant and easy luxe look which give the room a ‘grown up’ feel.  This is the kind of I home I imagine having when Miss L is a teenager, it’s chic yet comfortable.

This yellow 1950’s style furniture brings a beautiful spring, light feeling to the room.  But how easy would this colour be to live with the rest of the year?  I personally don’t think that it would look right in the middle of deepest winter.  When choosing a bold colour in the home you have to consider how it looks in all lights and seasons.

When I was surfing I came across a whole bunch of sofas which could be classed as artwork.  In the right room this BD Barcelona sofa could look stunning, I love, love, love that the legs look like stilettos.  In a ‘boudoir’ inspired lounge with jewel colours, some chandeliers, gold frames, it would look fabulous.

Now this is just amazing, it from Droog Design and I think is the most imaginative sofa I have ever seen.  I don’t for minute thing that it’s comfortable or practical but just a massive piece of artwork it’s gorgeous.  I think the chair backs they have used are really witty and fun.  I’d love to see it in the flesh.

Finishing with the slightly more practical, I think sofa while it keeps a modern shape, actually looks quite comfortable.  I like the subtle pattern and colours of the fabric, in the right setting this could look very stylish.

What do you think? Are you a traditional sofa or a modernist sofa person?

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Taking Advertising

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, as I’ve had a good few requests from lovely readers who have their own small businesses.   So I’ve decided to accept advertising on Violet Posy, it helps me and hopefully it will help other small businesses out there.

So if you have a small business, Etsy site or you are a larger company and you’d like to advertise on Violet Posy, have a look here at my advertising page and if you are interested drop me an e-mail.  I’d love to hear from you!

Related to that is that I’ve also added a disclosure policy which states that from time to time I’m sent items that I may or may not review on Violet Posy.  If I do review them, then it’s a wholly honest review for my readers, so to PR companies don’t send me something rubbish because I will say it is.

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Twilight – New Moon Trailer

I came a little late to the whole Twilight phenomenon and I’ve just finished reading the books.  So I was delighted to see this trailer today.  I thought New Moon was going to be the harder book to film, but it looks like they’ve pulled it off. Umm and is wrong to be nearly 40 and Team Jacob?

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Wine Glass Roses from the Garden

It’s June – how on earth did that happen??

It’s lovely to be back and not feeling rushed, I’m sitting here with Betty snuggled next to me, a cup of coffee and lots of hayfever meds – ironic for someone who loves flowers and gardening!.  I had a lovely break last week with Miss L and despite the weather not being the best at the begining of the week we had a lovely time.  We didn’t do much in the end because of the rain, so the much planned horse riding didn’t happen, but one to save for the summer holidays as they are only 5 weeks away.  I can’t beleive my little girl will be in Year 2 come September.

I’ve been preparing for the Florida trip and bought lots of summer dresses from H&M they are so cheap and are a little more stylish than the ones you find in the supermarket.  Miss L and I both fell in love with this £3.99 butterfly dress, I want an adult version!  Betty quite liked it too 🙂 *article Miss L sanctioned!*

The Butterfly Dress

On the shopping trip to Cambridge where we also hit Build a Bear for the new Rainbow bear who Miss L has called well ‘Rainbow’ we saw these cute houses with roses growing all over them. The pictures not that brilliant but hopefully you’ll get the idea of how lovely they looked

Cambridge Houses
Cambridge Houses

Oh and my parent’s summer house is finally complete. I have to say I’ve very envious it’s just gorgeous and they are making plenty of use of it.  Can you imagine anything better than relaxing here with a glass of wine?

Summer House
Summer House

Happy Summer to you all and I’m off to catch up with my blog reading.

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