Doggy Helper

Last night in desperation, I dosed up on antihistamines and went out into the garden to dead head some of my roses.  I noticed that there were some rose buds on one of the pink roses in the middle of the garden and I hoped it would promote their growth – well that was the plan.

However I took my black shadow with me, seriously that dog follows me everywhere.  When I started dead heading she decided quietly that she’d help too.  I turned round to find her biting off the rose buds and spitting them on the floor!!

Bless her,  it’s not her fault she thought she was helping but now we have no rose buds either

*breathe in and breathe out*

I love my dog I really do 😉

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  1. Oh no!
    I thought I had some nasty bug in my garden recently and it was chomping through my lemon balm bush. Seriously, the thing was ravaged!
    I discovered that it was the children who remembered the one time I picked a leaf for them to smell and took it upon themselves to pick handfuls of the stuff, run off, inhale, go ‘aaaaaahhh’, throw handful away and then go get another one!

    Tara@Sticky Fingers’s last blog post..I’m expecting some guests over