I have a problem..

So last year for the end of term teachers presents I made these

They were utterly gorgeous and very well recieved, I guess there are only so many mugs and boxes of chocolates you can get?

Now last weekend we were looking hopeful for a repeat, my roses were doing pretty well from a distance (I have terrible hayfever at the moment, so I was looking from the house). Ummm not so much today, this is my primary rose plant for bouquets ‘Mme Alfred Carrier’


Can you see any flowers or buds on it??



When I looked closer there were greenfly all over the plant and they must have eaten the new buds.  I’ve now looked closer at the front garden and frankly it’s not much better.  Annoyingly the market is on the same day, her last day of term so I’m going to have to make some bouquets up from Tesco’s flowers…I feel dirty but it needs to be done!  Hopefully there might be one or two home flowers I can pop in as well to make it look better.  But I’m so disappointed, I really wanted to make them special. Oh well maybe next year.

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  1. Double Argh! Of course it’s not in it’s bloomin’ glory…. you were counting on them! The bouquets from last year were awful cute… hope you have luck with finding enough to repeat the success this year!
    Karla & Karrie

    The Summer Kitchen Girls’s last blog post..Wednesday Words

  2. First, let me just say that I wish I were the lucky recipient of one of those bouquets!

    Argh is right! Did I tell you that Mike caught someone (a stranger) cutting our roses and making herself a bouquet?! Almost worse than greenfly! Anyhoo…I bought some lovely flowers at the supermarket this week (I surprised even myself!) and made a HUGE bouquet for $10 US. I’m sure you’ll do something fabulous with whatever you find at Tesco!

    laura @ the shore house’s last blog post..April, May and June Showers…

    1. Someone helped herself to your flowers??? OMG! What is it with some people?? I hope my fake bouquet is as good as my garden ones – fingers crossed 🙂 x

  3. Grr! How frustrating! I have a wisteria plant that is always THIS CLOSE to flowering and then something goes awry—so I feel your pain.

    But the bouquets from last year were simply astounding! I can only imagine how thrilled the teachers must have been to receive them!

    Anne @ The City Sage’s last blog post..Outfit to Room: Swimsuit Edition