Recycling Update

As you know last week I was challenged by Karen over at The Rubbish Diet to join the Recycling Week Challenge and here’s my update.   I’m feeling a little guilty, so far my recycling of bottles and jars has been going swimmingly, but I haven’t actually done any of it!  Having agreed to do it, it turned out our recycling collection was the next day so that got rid of a load which had been sitting in the shed.  Then I collected all our glass recycling together on Sunday night so I could take them after them school run Monday morning and popped them by the front door.

You can guess it..I walked straight past it!

But lovely hubby saved the day took them for me on a supermarket run last night.  So technically I’ve not done any recycling at all yet.  In my guilt I’ve turned out the airing cupboard and gotten together all the bed sheets and curtains we don’t need anymore and I’m about to take them to the Salvation Army material recycling bin.

I hope I remember them!

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  1. We’re getting better about recycling… It will be good to follow you through your process. I think the biggest thing is just thinking about it and have a conscience about it. Once that happened, the more and more I wanted to learn what can be done.

    PS~Erin’s last blog post..Announcing a Winner and a Download too

  2. Our biggest problem is where to store it all. We currently recycle glass, paper, cardboard and green waste, I’d like to recycle more tins and plastic but we just have no where to put it all. But you’re right changing the way you think and not just popping it in the garbage. Good luck xx