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This month’s Etsy Store is my new blogging friend Angela from the wonderfully named Peony Patch. We started chatting a couple of months back and then she kindly asked me to make a banner and a icon for her Etsy store ‘The Tassel House’

As a very generous thank you Angela sent me one of her handmade adorable tassels with a Black Lab on no less!  It is now hanging from our closet door in our bedroom and looks really cute.  So here is Angela to explain about herself and her pretty store, and if you get time pop over and say ‘Hi’  :

My name is Angela. 🙂  Many changes have happened in my life over the past few years – I started a new job, bought a home, and I met someone and got married. After planning a wedding and moving (again), I was so worn out. It took several months for me to regroup, and when I did, I found myself a bit bored.  Growing up, I was always creative and I loved to cross stitch, so I picked that hobby up again. However, I found that I was rushing my cross stitch projects because I wanted to see results – some kind of instant gratification. And this just wasn’t happening.


During this time, I purchased a tassel that I found online. When I received it, I stared at it for days, I just loved it so. My mother looked at me and said, “You can make that.” I didn’t think I could, but over the next few weeks as I lay in bed at night, I contemplated how to create a tassel that was beautiful, sturdy, and cost effective.  I struggled creating my first tassels, but as time has progressed, I have gotten more confident in my creativity and my imagination. The sky is the limit with a tassel – I can make a whimsical tassel one hour and a sophisticated and elegant tassel the next. This was the instant gratification that I was looking for!
Although much thought and work goes into each one, a tassel can be completed in less than one day, whereas a cross stitch project could take me days even months in some cases.  Selling my tassels was the next step in the process. As my home became overrun with tassels, I realized that I cannot enjoy these as I should because there are just too many. That is when I decided to open up The Tassel House on Etsy. I also do several local craft shows during the year. Selling tassels keeps me creating tassels!
I absolutely love spending my free time doing this, and I believe this shows in the quality and creativity of my work.
I am inspired by beautiful fringes and ribbons, and it always boosts me to find gorgeous “tassel toppers” when I am out and about shopping. Any one of these three items (fringe, ribbon, and/or topper) can be my inspiration for my next tassel!
When I am not spending my time creating tassels, I am spending time writing on my own blog, and reading others’ blogs.  My blog is I started it as I was planning my wedding, and it has progressed with me into married life. A few of my favorite blogs to read include Violet Posy (of course!), Hooked on Houses, Design Ties, Pioneer Woman, Planet M Files, and Sustaining Creativity.
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