I love my Dentist!

Last year I published my rant against all dentists, when I broke my tooth and had no dentist to fix it.

Let me explain I am *terrified* of dentists due to the psycho one I went to as a child – seriously the man was evil!.  Literally the though of even having to go to one has had me in hysterical tears.  Last year when I broke yet another tooth (I’d gotten to 4 broken teeth at that point) and Miss L was moaning that at the age of 5 she’d never been, I realised that I probably needed to pull myself together and find a dentist.

So I tried a private dental clinic which frankly was so expensive, I could have flown to New York first class and done 4 days shopping to fix all my teeth!  One of my friends luckily recommended me to the one NHS dentist in town who was still taking on new patients (for American readers that means you have to pay a bit towards your treatment, but the rest is state funded as a result NHS dentists are like gold dust).  And although I had to wait 3 months to see the dentist, she’s been doing a wonderful job of fixing my teeth the last 3 weeks.

She get’s why I’m scared and is very patient when I have a freak out because I can’t breathe or whatever.  So far we’ve redone 4 old fillings, a root canal on the worst broken tooth. Today she also popped in a tooth coloured filling which I had to pay extra for as the NHS doesn’t cover these.  But all together so far I’ve spent £97 as opposed to the £700 the private dentist wanted for one root canal and filling!!

So as much as I bitch about the NHS, having worked in it for 7 years and trust me it could be run a hell of a lot more efficiently! This is why we have it, it worries me that there are so many people suffering because they cannot find or afford cheap dental care.  The UK has 30% of their dentists retiring in the next 5 years so this problem is only going to get worse, I hope someone somewhere in the NHS is planning ahead and not ignoring it like the midwife crisis.

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  1. I’m glad you love yours too 🙂 Yeah I hate word verfi drives me nuts, I’d rather delete spam than put them on here 🙂

  2. I’m not sure the difference between the UK dental system and the American dental system, but I have soft teeth & I clintch them at night (prone to cracking -> root canal needed). I, personally, do not have a problem visiting the dentist, thank goodess, because I end up getting all sorts of crazy stuff done. I’m getting ready to have a night guard made to help with the clintching problem. No matter, most health plans in America let you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months for free (well, nothing is free….but that’s another story).
    I’m glad you are getting everything done! It feels good once it’s all done, doesn’t it?!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

    Angela’s last blog post..Wrap Up

  3. I love my dentist too. He is very cute LOL
    I live in the Netherlands. When I was a child there was special dental care for children. Twice a year some kind of camper, with a small dentist practice in it, would park near the school and all the children would have their teeth checked. It was torture to me, because sometimes I had to wait for a week untill it was my turn to go. By that time I was nervous wreck. Once I couldn’t take it anymore and ran away from school. I went home.
    Now I am not scared anymore, although I still dislike to go ofcause.
    At the moment I am in the process of having a bridge. I had the tooth pulled last week. I was a bit worried about it, but it all went well.
    In Holland we have to pay for health insurance. Some basic dental work which is paid for by the insurance company. If you want to be insured for more expensive treatments, you have to take extra insurance.

    Wew That’s a long story. I hope I didn’t bore you.


    Marianne’s last blog post..Atlanta Bartlett

  4. Really need to go and see a dentist, as my gums are having serious pregnancy issues. There aren’t any NHS dentists here, though I suppose I should call the helpline to double-check, just in case someone has suddenly sprung up. The last one to open in the area (about 10 miles away) had queues two streets down and their books were full by noon of the day they opened. Grr!

    Coding Mamma (Tasha)’s last blog post..Don’t talk to strangers

  5. My husband feels the same way as you about dentists. He had a psycho one when he was a kid also. I don’t know how many times I have called the dentist at the last minute to cancel his appointments. I don’t know if he will ever get over his fear of dentist. Maybe I can get him to the shrink. So glad you found a nice one. Good luck with the rest of your work. 😉

    Janet’s last blog post..Summer Games

  6. I think if you are pregnant, you automatically get into your local NHS dentist, whether they are full or not. That happened to me anyway in London, and you get FREE treatment until your baby’s first birthday. For all it’s faults, the NHS is a wonderful institution and we are v lucky to have it.

    Glad your new dentist is nice, makes a big difference.

    Victoria’s last blog post..Trooping marvellous, or how to enjoy a big outdoors event with small children

  7. Angela – Do you have to pay extra on top of your general healthcare for dental in the US. I’m intrigued by the whole US Healthcare system 🙂

    Marianne – you sound like me, I’m glad you’re tooth extraction went well. I think you’re very brave to have gotten that done! x

    Tasha – good luck finding an NHS one – I had a nightmare, but call the dental helpline and see if you can get into one, hopefully you can because your pg x

    Janet – I have the same problem DH won’t go but has insisted I do!! Men!!! 😉 Good luck trying to get him to go, I know how he feels x

    Victoria – great news I’ll pass it onto Tash if she’s not read it here x