Hotel Curtains

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I love hotels, not for the room service or the spas or even the cocktails……

It’s for the luscious darkness that descends when you pull the curtains at night and the next morning when you can’t tell it’s 3am or 11am because the curtains are drawn.  Our bedroom faces east and at this time of the year the room becomes unbearably light at about 5.30am!  It’s horrific!  The other problem we have is that we have 1930’s bay windows which are massive and so in the winter the room becomes very cold, despite the double glazing.

So I’ve been hunting around to replicate that luxe hotel look by using curtains and Roman blinds to give double the blackout/thermal combination.  The Natural Curtain Company seem to fit the bill, they do both the Roman blinds and the curtains both of which can come blackout and interlined which means darkness and warmth!


Our windows are 280cm with a 180cm drop which means we’ve struggled to find either ready made curtains and blinds or to afford custom ones, but these seem reasonable.  Our bedroom is a mish mash of red, cream and pale blue. As we have pattern in the form of a lot of  Cath Kidston bedding, I think cream Roman blind and the heavy cream linen curtains will work wonderfully. I’m looking forward to the darkness – bliss!

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  1. yeah for you on finding a place to do them without spending a whole lot. I have huge windows in the front and an dealing with the same thing here. MY bedroom window face East and I wake up about 5 am to sunshine beaming onto my face in the morning.

    can’t wait to see you photos when done.

    callie grayson’s last blog post..OBSESSION: Dirt, well really my garden!

  2. I also have an east facing window AND a skylight – and no curtains. Day breaks early here as well – (actually 4 AM if I realise that I am on daylight saving.) It did occur to me that we live our lives by artificial time – the animal kingdom runs on circadian rhythm, as did our ancestors, but nowadays we run on clocks. I suppose I could toss the clock (as I don’t work much outside the home) but it’s a hard habit to break.

  3. It’s funny because we do baby items, and a dark lining is a must for nursery window treatments. I guess some things never change! There is something so nice about a cozy dark space to sleep. I added blackout lining to our own room’s draperies as well.

    I love the fabric you’ve chosen!

    Tracy@monarch’s last blog post..June Garden in North Carolina

  4. I don’t like my room to be pitchblack. I always need to see some light.
    I have to admitt though that our babypink curtains don’t hold back much light,
    I love bay windows!

    Marianne’s last blog post..Atlanta Bartlett

  5. Libby – a skylight as well!! Gosh what a nightmare, I had one when I lived at home and I remember it being awful in the summer. I hate being woken up so early , I’m a 12 hour a night girl 🙂

    Teresa – thanks for stopping by x

    Tracy – your work is amazing, I just wish you were in the UK, I’d be using you!!

    Marianne – I love bay windows too, they’re just so expensive to furnish!

    Victoria – I think I might have the same problem with heavy curtains as our track is bent with the light ones we have. Glad they work in your house though 🙂

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