Traditonal or Modern?

I was reading an article about the ‘Traditional Look’ vs ‘Modern’ and it made me think. As you know I’m a shabby chic girl partly because it’s a look I like and partly through circumstance having a small child and overgrown puppy.  However as much as I like the look of a traditional, comfy, slip-covered sofa sometimes I see a modern or more funky look and I get a little seduced

I really like the dramatic dark neutral colour and low level arms on these sofas.   The chandelier and fake fur throw throw adds and instant and easy luxe look which give the room a ‘grown up’ feel.  This is the kind of I home I imagine having when Miss L is a teenager, it’s chic yet comfortable.

This yellow 1950’s style furniture brings a beautiful spring, light feeling to the room.  But how easy would this colour be to live with the rest of the year?  I personally don’t think that it would look right in the middle of deepest winter.  When choosing a bold colour in the home you have to consider how it looks in all lights and seasons.

When I was surfing I came across a whole bunch of sofas which could be classed as artwork.  In the right room this BD Barcelona sofa could look stunning, I love, love, love that the legs look like stilettos.  In a ‘boudoir’ inspired lounge with jewel colours, some chandeliers, gold frames, it would look fabulous.

Now this is just amazing, it from Droog Design and I think is the most imaginative sofa I have ever seen.  I don’t for minute thing that it’s comfortable or practical but just a massive piece of artwork it’s gorgeous.  I think the chair backs they have used are really witty and fun.  I’d love to see it in the flesh.

Finishing with the slightly more practical, I think sofa while it keeps a modern shape, actually looks quite comfortable.  I like the subtle pattern and colours of the fabric, in the right setting this could look very stylish.

What do you think? Are you a traditional sofa or a modernist sofa person?

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  1. For years, we had a single bed with 6,000 cushions and throws. It was the most comfortable thing ever. Every house we moved to, we could just chnage the cushion covers and/or the the throws and it fit in…from ancient Tudor flat overlooking Windsor Castle to ultra-modern new build…To this day, I am so sad we went for a “proper” couch…more on the traditional end of the spectrum. Its fine, but its not fantastic….so I guess the answer is I want something that can be both.

    slugs on the refrigerator’s last blog post..Friday Five Degrees of Separation: T-shirts and Ukuleles

  2. What a log, great piece of work that. How about a switch on that for the outside?

    I also like the low level arms on that sofa, and the 50s’ coloured furniture is cool, but probably not for my place.

    And, as an aside. Like that classy Union Jack in the first pic.

    SingleParentDad’s last blog post..I’ve Got a Mommy Today

  3. If I had to choose, I’d say traditional, but my taste is in the process of changing. I’m liking the vintage modern descriptor, but who knows where I’ll end up.

    PS~Erin’s last blog post..End of the Week Links

  4. Traditional all the way (altho I DO like 60’s furniture – is that considered modern??)

    That said I think I’d prefer the term ‘eclectic’ – bits and bobs of modern and traditional all thrown in together!

    Little Brown Book’s last blog post..I don’t own a house/flat yet…

  5. I used to be so traditional, and literally over the past 6 months I’ve gotten soo much more modern. I swapped out Pottery Barn for West Elm as my fave place to shop.. and I have no idea why it happened!!

    Daly Essentials’s last blog post..White chairs please!

  6. i am like you, i love the slip cover but then I get seduced by the simple lovely lines of the modern sofa!
    I actually found a modern looking sofa, with the low arms squared off with a slip cover which i hope to get soon.

    callie grayson’s last blog post..HAPPY FRIDAY:

  7. Erm, that just looks liek a oog to me. But I am a bit of a philistine when it comes to these things. My own house is more shabby shabby.

  8. Fabulous post! You have a great site with tons on wonderful advice. Would you be interested in a blog roll exchange?

    Homes Suite Homes’s last blog post..The return of the Stitch!!