Wine Glass Roses from the Garden

It’s June – how on earth did that happen??

It’s lovely to be back and not feeling rushed, I’m sitting here with Betty snuggled next to me, a cup of coffee and lots of hayfever meds – ironic for someone who loves flowers and gardening!.  I had a lovely break last week with Miss L and despite the weather not being the best at the begining of the week we had a lovely time.  We didn’t do much in the end because of the rain, so the much planned horse riding didn’t happen, but one to save for the summer holidays as they are only 5 weeks away.  I can’t beleive my little girl will be in Year 2 come September.

I’ve been preparing for the Florida trip and bought lots of summer dresses from H&M they are so cheap and are a little more stylish than the ones you find in the supermarket.  Miss L and I both fell in love with this £3.99 butterfly dress, I want an adult version!  Betty quite liked it too 🙂 *article Miss L sanctioned!*

The Butterfly Dress

On the shopping trip to Cambridge where we also hit Build a Bear for the new Rainbow bear who Miss L has called well ‘Rainbow’ we saw these cute houses with roses growing all over them. The pictures not that brilliant but hopefully you’ll get the idea of how lovely they looked

Cambridge Houses
Cambridge Houses

Oh and my parent’s summer house is finally complete. I have to say I’ve very envious it’s just gorgeous and they are making plenty of use of it.  Can you imagine anything better than relaxing here with a glass of wine?

Summer House
Summer House

Happy Summer to you all and I’m off to catch up with my blog reading.

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