Have you been to Tumblr yet??

I use is a an inspiration board/link love site for want of a better description.  Whenever I see an image or a post, now I just pop it on Tumblr and share it with other users.

If you’d like to go and look at my Tumblr site http://violetposy.tumblr.com/

Here are a few of my favourite other Tumblr sites:










Enjoy ūüôā

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Doggy Helper

Last night in desperation, I dosed up on antihistamines and went out into the garden to dead head some of my roses.  I noticed that there were some rose buds on one of the pink roses in the middle of the garden and I hoped it would promote their growth Рwell that was the plan.

However I took my black shadow with me, seriously that dog follows me everywhere.¬† When I started dead heading she decided quietly that she’d help too.¬† I turned round to find her biting off the rose buds and spitting them on the floor!!

Bless her,¬† it’s not her fault she thought she was helping but now we have no rose buds either

*breathe in and breathe out*

I love my dog I really do ūüėČ

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I have a problem..

So last year for the end of term teachers presents I made these

They were utterly gorgeous and very well recieved, I guess there are only so many mugs and boxes of chocolates you can get?

Now last weekend we were looking hopeful for a repeat, my roses were doing pretty well from a distance (I have terrible hayfever at the moment, so I was looking from the house). Ummm not so much today, this is my primary rose plant for bouquets ‘Mme Alfred Carrier’


Can you see any flowers or buds on it??



When I looked closer there were greenfly all over the plant and they must have eaten the new buds.¬† I’ve now looked closer at the front garden and frankly it’s not much better.¬† Annoyingly the market is on the same day, her last day of term so I’m going to have to make some bouquets up from Tesco’s flowers…I feel dirty but it needs to be done!¬† Hopefully there might be one or two home flowers I can pop in as well to make it look better.¬† But I’m so disappointed, I really wanted to make them special. Oh well maybe next year.

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Recycling Update

As you know last week I was challenged by Karen over at The Rubbish Diet to join the Recycling Week Challenge and here’s my update. ¬† I’m feeling a little guilty, so far my recycling of bottles and jars has been going swimmingly, but I haven’t actually done any of it!¬† Having agreed to do it, it turned out our recycling collection was the next day so that got rid of a load which had been sitting in the shed.¬† Then I collected all our glass recycling together on Sunday night so I could take them after them school run Monday morning and popped them by the front door.

You can guess it..I walked straight past it!

But lovely hubby saved the day took them for me on a supermarket run last night.¬† So technically I’ve not done any recycling at all yet.¬† In my guilt I’ve turned out the airing cupboard and gotten together all the bed sheets and curtains we don’t need anymore and I’m about to take them to the Salvation Army material recycling bin.

I hope I remember them!

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English Garden Party


Yesterday was my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate we had a party in their beautiful garden.¬† Family and friends from all over all gathered under the stormy looking midsummer sky – thankfully it didn’t rain! I’m entirely sure where we would have put everyone in their tiny cottage?


Mum and I served up salads and vegetable while Paul whipped up a magnificent BBQ and Dad dealt with the bar. Children ran around picking strawberries, and nabbing those gorgeous cupcakes.  Everyone had such a good time and I hear it was still going on late last night!

Happy Anniversary – love you xx

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Keeping small children occupied on planes

Our holiday is speeding towards us and it’s suddenly occurred to me that we have a 10 hour flight with a 6 year old and I’m a little underprepared!¬† We’ve flown twice before with Miss L and both times were ok, as long as we have plenty to do.¬† This year I’m updating our plane pack as she’s a little older now.

She has a pink back pack with wheels, so she can pull it herself which is very important when you’ve got lots of bags and a small child.¬† It also gives her a sense of responsibility for her own things and she also feels like she’s helping.¬† The most important thing I’ve found so far to take with us is a Nintendo DS.¬† She can play her games to her hearts content, the SD cards the games come on are tiny and you can pick them up second-hand cheaply from computer game stores or online stores.¬† This year I’ve gotten a Club Penguin game and she’s still obsessed by the Build a Bear one I got her for the plane last year.

Next up books, don’t take loads of bulky ones, they weigh a ton and you’re never going to read them all.¬† So I’ve bought a 3 paperback books in one ‘Horrid Henry’, it’s light and there’s 12 stories in it.

As for colouring I buy some cheap colouring books from poundstores, which also have word searches and crosswords in and a pack of crayons.¬† A blank notebook so they can have a holiday ‘diary’ also is a good idea, Miss L loves to draw where we are and what we’ve done.

One word of warning, I’ve found that felt tips leak all over the luggage when excited little ones forget to put lids back on, and pencils break.¬† Also you can’t take pencil sharpeners on planes with you anymore so crayons win hands down. Of course there is also a bad of Haribo hidden in her bag somewhere for take off and landing as for some reason she’s never figured out sweet sucking, but chewing Haribo is apparently ok ūüôā

What’s your travelling tip with toddlers and small children?

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Hooked on…Peonies


It’s Hooked on Friday over at Julia’s so this week, mine is my peonies.¬† I’ve just picked the last of them, but they were glorious while they lasted.¬† I think I’ll miss the best of my roses as I’ll be on holiday, so I’m going to pick them for all the school staff at Miss L’s school so they can enjoy them.

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Etsy Store of the Month

This month’s Etsy Store is my new blogging friend Angela from the wonderfully named Peony Patch. We started chatting a couple of months back and then she kindly asked me to make a banner and a icon for her Etsy store ‘The Tassel House’

As a very generous thank you Angela sent me one of her handmade adorable tassels with a Black Lab on no less!¬† It is now hanging from our closet door in our bedroom and looks really cute.¬† So here is Angela to explain about herself and her pretty store, and if you get time pop over and say ‘Hi’¬† :

My name is Angela. ūüôā¬† Many changes have happened in my life over the past few years – I started a new job, bought a home, and I met someone and got married. After planning a wedding and moving (again), I was so worn out. It took several months for me to regroup, and when I did, I found myself a bit bored.¬† Growing up, I was always creative and I loved to cross stitch, so I picked that hobby up again. However, I found that I was rushing my cross stitch projects because I wanted to see¬†results – some kind of instant gratification. And this just wasn’t happening.


During this time, I purchased a tassel that I found online. When I received it, I stared at it for days, I just loved it so. My mother looked at me and said, “You can make that.” I didn’t think I could, but over the next few weeks as I lay in bed at night, I contemplated how to create a tassel that was beautiful, sturdy, and cost effective.¬† I struggled creating my first tassels, but as time has progressed, I have gotten more confident in my creativity and my imagination.¬†The sky is the limit with a tassel – I can make a¬†whimsical¬†tassel one hour and a sophisticated and elegant tassel the¬†next. This was the instant¬†gratification that I was looking for!
Although much thought and work goes into each one, a tassel can be completed in less than one day, whereas a cross stitch project could take me days even months in some cases.  Selling my tassels was the next step in the process. As my home became overrun with tassels, I realized that I cannot enjoy these as I should because there are just too many. That is when I decided to open up The Tassel House on Etsy. I also do several local craft shows during the year. Selling tassels keeps me creating tassels!
I absolutely love spending my free time doing this, and I believe this shows in the quality and creativity of my work.
I am inspired by beautiful fringes and ribbons, and it always boosts me to find gorgeous “tassel toppers” when I am out and about shopping. Any one of these three items (fringe, ribbon, and/or topper) can be my inspiration for my next tassel!
When I am not spending my time creating tassels, I am spending time writing on my own blog, and reading others’ blogs.¬† My blog is www.mccalled.com/peonypatch. I started it as I was planning my wedding, and it has progressed with me into married life. A few of my favorite blogs to read include Violet Posy (of course!), Hooked on Houses, Design Ties, Pioneer Woman, Planet M Files, and Sustaining Creativity.
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I love my Dentist!

Last year I published my rant against all dentists, when I broke my tooth and had no dentist to fix it.

Let me explain I am *terrified* of dentists due to the psycho one I went to as a child – seriously the man was evil!.¬† Literally the though of even having to go to one has had me in hysterical tears.¬† Last year when I broke yet another tooth (I’d gotten to 4 broken teeth at that point) and Miss L was moaning that at the age of 5 she’d never been, I realised that I probably needed to pull myself together and find a dentist.

So I tried a private dental clinic which frankly was so expensive, I could have flown to New York first class and done 4 days shopping to fix all my teeth!¬† One of my friends luckily recommended me to the one NHS dentist in town who was still taking on new patients (for American readers that means you have to pay a bit towards your treatment, but the rest is state funded as a result NHS dentists are like gold dust).¬† And although I had to wait 3 months to see the dentist, she’s been doing a wonderful job of fixing my teeth the last 3 weeks.

She get’s why I’m scared and is very patient when I have a freak out because I can’t breathe or whatever.¬† So far we’ve redone 4 old fillings, a root canal on the worst broken tooth. Today she also popped in a tooth coloured filling which I had to pay extra for as the NHS doesn’t cover these.¬† But all together so far I’ve spent ¬£97 as opposed to the ¬£700 the private dentist wanted for one root canal and filling!!

So as much as I bitch about the NHS, having worked in it for 7 years and trust me it could be run a hell of a lot more efficiently! This is why we have it, it worries me that there are so many people suffering because they cannot find or afford cheap dental care.  The UK has 30% of their dentists retiring in the next 5 years so this problem is only going to get worse, I hope someone somewhere in the NHS is planning ahead and not ignoring it like the midwife crisis.

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Hotel Curtains

**Sponsored Post**

I love hotels, not for the room service or the spas or even the cocktails……

It’s for the luscious darkness that descends when you pull the curtains at night and the next morning when you can’t tell it’s 3am or 11am because the curtains are drawn.¬† Our bedroom faces east and at this time of the year the room becomes unbearably light at about 5.30am!¬† It’s horrific!¬† The other problem we have is that we have 1930’s bay windows which are massive and so in the winter the room becomes very cold, despite the double glazing.

So I’ve been hunting around to replicate that luxe hotel look by using curtains and Roman blinds to give double the blackout/thermal combination.¬† The Natural Curtain Company seem to fit the bill, they do both the Roman blinds and the curtains both of which can come blackout and interlined which means darkness and warmth!


Our windows are 280cm with a 180cm drop which means we’ve struggled to find either ready made curtains and blinds or to afford custom ones, but these seem reasonable.¬† Our bedroom is a mish mash of red, cream and pale blue. As we have pattern in the form of a lot of¬† Cath Kidston bedding, I think cream Roman blind and the heavy cream linen curtains will work wonderfully. I’m looking forward to the darkness – bliss!

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Recycle Week

My lovely blogging neighbour Karen from the Rubbish Diet has tagged me for Recycle Week next week.¬† So I have pledged to Recycle all my glass jars and bottles or no blogging for me for a week – you know I can’t do that!!

The rules are easy:

1. Visit www.recyclenow.com and sign up to one of the pledges to waste less.

2. Share the details of your pledge on your own blog.

3. Chose five other bloggers, who will also be up for a bit of recycling fun.

4. Come back to this post at The Rubbish Diet and share your pledge with others, by placing a link to your pledge in the comments field.

So I’m tagging:


That Canadian Girl (as she’s actually in the UK)

What’s Happening at My House



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Love this!

Photo Credit: www.riverford.co.uk
Photo Credit: www.riverford.co.uk

I saw this in Country Living this month and thought it was genius!

If you get your vegetables and fruit delivered this brilliant eco-storage box from Riverford Organics keeps it safe and fresh, not to mention you can grow a herb garden on top of it.  I think it would also work to keep milk fresh, if you still get a milk delivery.  Find out more about it here

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Mini Gardening Update


The strawberry hanging baskets have worked really, really well and we’ve had some beauties from it.


The potato bags….well something’s happened, the plants have collapsed onto the floor under their own weight.¬† I think it might be because I didn’t top up the soil.¬† Now of course I can’t get them up, but I suppose the potatos will come out the same, they just look terrible at the moment.

Now if only I knew when to harvest them???

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