First Garden Roses


Finally I can pick roses in my garden, here’s the first vase of the year. It contains Madame Alfred Carrier, Redoute, and Glamis Castle.  They smell as good as they look!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I was supposed to have roses – like the one in the top right picture – in my wedding bouquet…at my florist’s suggestion. Then she used camillia’s instead. I was a very unhappy camper about that!!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

    Angela’s last blog post..Sneak Peak

  2. Angela – Camillias are nice, but they can’t replace roses in a bridal bouquet! I can see why you were annoyed, I would have been too x

    Teresa & Mel, glad you liked them x

    Ian, go get those rosebushes, free cut flowers!. See told you I was thrifty… umm don’t read tomorrows post it might cost you 😉

  3. Beautiful roses. Mine have been getting soaked in this Florida rain and are looking for sunshine. Can’t wait until I have some new blooms to cut!

  4. Your roses are just lovely. I can almost smell them ; O ) I love them floating in a bowl on my kitchen counter or coffee table.
    Thanks for sharing.