French Market comes to town

Selection of French Jams
Selection of French Jams

I’ve just been into town as I thought it was the Farmer’s Market this weekend, turns out it was the French Market.  We’re really lucky in our town that we have a travelling French Market come and visit us twice a year.  They travel from France with their gorgeous products: cheeses, sausage, wines, sweets, cakes, breads and soaps.   Sadly the queue for the patisserie and fresh breads was massive. I couldn’t even get close enough for a picture, but take my word the cakes looked luscious!

Fresh Baklava and Honey Cakes
Fresh Baklava and Honey Cakes

I had to stop myself from buying the fresh Baklava it looked and smelt wonderful.


Just look at the presentation though, I love the co-coordinating baskets with the sweets and the colours.

Turkish Delight, Chilli Goats Cheese, Olives, French Sausages
Turkish Delight, Chilli Goats Cheese, Olives, French Sausages

They also cook French street food and sell it to passers-by, look at the size of these serving bowls

Mussels and Rice
Mussels and Rice
Potato, Cheese and Ham
Potato, Cheese and Ham

My favourite had to be the soap stall, it smelt wonderful


I treated myself to some lavender soap, just because it’s so chunky!

Lavender Soap
Lavender Soap

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  1. Oh, I would be in heaven!!! that chili goat cheese looked so heavenly good. and the preserves mmmmmmmm
    The soaps would have done my wallet in…..i just can’t pass up sweet smelling soaps! I bring a bag full when I go to Scotland, I only have one left from my trip last year:(
    well, I guess that means I need to plan a trip to the UK!!!
    Have a wonderful afternoon!

    callie grayson’s last blog post..HAPPY FRIDAY

  2. Callie, plan the trip! I’d have grabbed you a soap if I’d known. If they are still there tomorrow I will and mail it to you 🙂

  3. I love our Farmer’s Market I’ll take pictures next time it’s on. I’d love to see what yours is like? The German markets are AMAZING! We have one at Christmas and it’s beautiful, so I can see why you loved it.

  4. Yum! They (or a similar one) come here occasionally, too. I was very impressed last time that the guy with the tartiflette stall had a separate veggie version, too. And I love chilli cheese. Our deli used to do a wonderful one, but don’t since they’ve changed hands.

    Coding Mamma (Tasha)’s last blog post..Talking to pre-school staff

  5. I have a funny feeling this is what heaven looks like. What are the Milk and Pistachio sweets called again? It looks sort of like Divinity. You’re so lucky to have something like this right in your backyard!

    Tracy@monarch’s last blog post..For Furry Babies…

  6. NOT fair:) What I wouldn’t give for a traveling french market…..

    The rose turkish delight will give me happy dreams for at least a week.

    Thank you for taking pictures for us!

    sarasophia’s last blog post..Here it is folks!

  7. Tracy – I could be wrong but I think it’s some sort of nougat, but that said it looks softer so I’m not sure. I’ll see if I can find out for you.

    Sarasophia – I must admit that rose turkish delight is haunting me too, I’m going to see if it’s still on today and get some 🙂

    Loulou – It’s a really lovely idea, and works so well. The soaps were amazing, if I’d had more time/patience then I would have queued for the Patisserie and Breads, but there was about 30 people in the queue! That stall had some amazing looking sweetcorn bread and some round cakes with crème angliase and glazed fruits…ok hungry now 🙂 Thanks for coming to visit x

  8. OH MY. oh my. oh myyyyy….I am so jealous. That market looks like heaven on earth! Goat cheeses, nougats, bakliva, yummy looking food galore. and then soaps and stuff….wish we this around here!!!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

    Angela’s last blog post..Monkey Bread…With a Twist

  9. Such evocative photos.
    I have an indie garden centre by me which is soooo tempting in the handmade cakes and jams and pickles and bread department.
    The question is, have you done what I have and told visitors that you actually made it with your own fair hands . . .

    Tara@Sticky Fingers’s last blog post..Green

  10. Tara – LOL! As tempting as it maybe pretty much everyone who knows me wouldn’t believe me! In fact when I have made things, they don’t believe me then either 🙂 I like the sound of that garden centre handmade cakes Mmmmm!

  11. We get the same market here. I especially like it because I can speak English to the French and they have to be nice to me! (no, I’ve never had a bad experience in France!)

    A Modern Mother’s last blog post..The dry spell