From Dumping Ground to Boudoir

Ok deep breath… this is really embarrassing to admit but our bedroom had become a complete and utter dumping ground for everything that couldn’t find a home elsewhere in our house.  We had friends stay recently and the travel cot is still up in Miss L’s room, which means all her stuff was still in our room….for like 4 weeks!

So today I decided enough was enough and I’ll surprise Paul when he get’s home from work today, so here are some before and after shots of my very, very hard work.  It took roughly 4 hours and that included getting rid of about a years old paperwork. Also despite Paul’s love for it, that bloody plant….. seriously I’ve had it with it.  The evil thing is going to the tip tomorrow!

Before the dumping ground
Before the dumping ground
After - look you can see the floor!
After - look you can see the floor!

I moved round the book case as I felt that the drawers were too much next to the wardrobe, too much large wood against large wood. And I couldn’t see the pretty picture behind the drawers.

Just too much
Before: Just too much
After: Much better use of space and makes the room seem bigger
After: Much better use of space and makes the room seem bigger

I’m going to pop to Homesense tomorrow and see if I can get some wicker baskets for the bookcase and that will help ‘pretty’ up the look as well.  If only I could afford a flat screen TV to get rid of that bulky old TV….still I can dream!

If you’d like to see more makeovers pop over to Melissa’s Procrastinator Party at The Inspired Room

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  1. Oooh check you out! I feel I should do the same – my bedroom is full of boxes which we have never managed to rehome since we moved to my apartment from my mans house. I feel shamed in to doing it now!

    OMG We’re Pregnant’s last blog post..My Dr is a Cock! And not of the feathered kind….

  2. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I’m still tired today! But I have to say I did sleep well last night 🙂

  3. Oh wow… Way to go! My bedroom always ends up being the least presentable too. I think bc it’s the furthest point from the front door that it’s always the last place to get attention (being the last place visitors might get to). It’s so nice when it’s nice and tidy and comfortable. I bet you slept great last night and were so happy to wake up in your “new” space. It looks great!

  4. Wow, looking good! My bedroom is always the worst room in the house (other than William’s bedroom, of course!) Come to think of it, my office is pretty horrific too. Perhaps I ought to be spring cleaning as well! x

    Caroline’s last blog post..Welcome, and a Meme

  5. Looks great! It is amazing what a difference small changes can make!

    Kara’s last blog post..Laundry Room Reveal

  6. A lil transformation can make thing big difference.

    Keep doing your ideas. They’re good to share to your online friends.

    TY for sharing the tip.

    Chie’s last blog post..REVEALATION DAY @ THE INSPIRED ROOM on her Procrastination Project

  7. My bedroom is a dumping ground as well. I clean it up, then a few weeks later, its back to being a mess. I have no trouble getting organized, it’s the staying organized that I have a problem with. But reading your post reminded me that I have my parents staying at my house a week from Saturday. I guess I better clean up my room.

    Kim’s last blog post..Project Procrastinators Party-The results