Does the Daily Mail have an online editor?

Occasionally, I find myself at the Daily Mail website I hate myself for it but it’s just so funny to read! (For US readers, The Mail newspaper still thinks that Britain has an empire and all middle class people should be afraid of…. well everything!)

Today they have a corker and it really did make me wonder if they have any kind of online editing?  Check the headlines of the ‘women’s’ section or should that be the extreme dieting/eating section??.


Is it me?

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Getting Ink has compiled a list of the top 100 Parent Bloggers in the UK.  It must have taken forever to do, they have taken a lot of factors into consideration and worked out the key influential bloggers from various metrics.

But there at Number 37 is Violet Posy!!

Seriously, I’m very flattered and excited especially as I’ve had little blogging time of late.   But pop over and see all the other wonderful bloggers that are over there.  I’m very honoured to be with such talented company.  Tonight I shall be having a celebratory glass or two of wine.

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Don’t you love being a Mum?


I’ve been tagged by the lovely Susanna over at A Modern Mother

To explain to those that have no idea what I’m talking about it’s like a game of “tag” — another blogger makes you “it” and you need to tag someone else. This one is about the five reasons why you love motherhood, so here goes.

1.  Morning cuddles.

Every morning without fail there is a small person snuggled up next to me when I wake.

2. Notes and love letters.

My girl can now write and leaves me messages and notes tell me how much she loves me blu tacked around the house.  When she’s in trouble I get a card or apology note.  Usually mis-spelt but the sentiment shines through.

3.  Kindness.  Whenever I shout at the dog for barking I get

‘Betty is a living thing too, mummy.  She’s just asking for food/chews/sausage rolls’

4.  Questioning everything

She asks more questions than anyone I’ve ever met.  I can give her an answer or go to Google and then she’ll come up with something else and they are always intelligent.  My favourite so far is ‘How do you weigh a mountain?’

5.  My favourite phrase ever when I get cross

‘But Mummy, you can’t live without cuddles and love’

and you know what, she’s right!  Instantly she’s forgiven 😉

I’m a bit rubbish at tagging so if you’d like to join in I’d love to read your replies.  Let me know if you’ve joined in x

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Cupcake Love


I wanted to introduce you all to my friend Amanda.  She’s has given up the rat race to start her own cake business in South London, and to blog about it. Seriously I’ve never met someone who loves cake and cupcakes or who’s as talented as Amanda!  She just makes the most luscious creations, I’ve spent hours drooling at her Flickr site.


If you have time please stop by and say ‘Hi’.   It’s always nice to get encouragement when you’re starting up as most of us know, and I’d like to welcome Amanda to our lovely blogging community..

PMT Cupcakes Blog






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Hooked on Porches

It’s Hooked on Friday’s over at Julia’s and I’ve not done one for a while, so here’s my current ‘Hooked on’

One of the many things I look forward to about living in Canada is having a house with a porch (well at least one day!). No, not a UK porch which is generally tacked on to the front of a house and only large enough to store wellington boots and umbrellas. I mean an actual, honest to goodness Scarlett O’Hara porch with comfortable chairs, somewhere to eat and enjoy the view.

For some reason British houses don’t ever seem to have porches.  They would be ideal in our climate which is similar to that of parts of Canada and America, but they just don’t exist.  I’m hoping they become a trend here on day.


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Somewhere safe..

So you remember that beautifully tidy children’s room I created a few months back?

Well this morning I couldn’t see the floor again for teddies, the cubbies were over-flowing and all the books seems to piled up next to her bed again.  Also she seems to not be going to school, but working a sweatshop creating pieces of random pottery, pictures and art made from toilet rolls!  I swear she’s bought home more from school than ever before.

We have friends coming to stay with their cute baby for Easter and I’d like the room to look half way decent for them to stay in. I don’t think they will want their baby inhaling all the glitter that’s in Miss L’s room.  So we had a clear out, put away all the school made bits she wanted to keep in pink plastic boxes and then popped them on top of the white cube unit.

In having a turn out, Miss L found her Nintendo and wanted to play with it.  Fair enough but it was flat, so I looked round the room for the charger.  Miss L told me that I’d told her off for leaving it out about 3 weeks ago (sounds like me!) and I’d


I have hunted high and low and can I find it? Can I heck!

But in my hunting I have found my camera charger, that was previously put somewhere safe about 3 months ago  – LOL!   So now I have a VERY smug daughter and I have to go and buy a new charger, knowing full well the old one will turn up at some point…

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Daytrip to London

Yesterday was one of those bitter-sweet days.   I was asked by my God-daughter to attend her son’s funeral in South London. Leland passed last week aged 9 months after a long struggle to survive, having been born at 23 weeks.   I’m still heartbroken for both her and her partner,  I cannot imagine anything more awful than losing your baby after they had done everything to help him survive.

As it was a long trip, I decided that I’d spend a couple of hours before the service in London seeing the sights – not something I really get to do anymore.  So I visited my old haunts around London Bridge where I used to work, tried to go to the pie and mash shop (it’s the one underneath Bridget Jones’s flat in Bridget Jones’s Diary) but it was shut!  I had to make do with the amazing Chilli Pasta from one of the small takeaway restaurants near the station.  I have to say it was as good as I remembered, even if the owner is still the grumpiest man alive!.

I had lunch next to the Thames and I took some photos for you all, I thought the little flower stall near Shad Thames was just gorgeous.  I felt a bit bad for having such a nice time considering why I was there.

Top Left: Flower Stall Shad Thames,   Top Right: The Tower of London,

Bottom Left:  View from London Bridge,  Bottom Right:  Tower Bridge.

So I had a nice wander round and then headed to the funeral.  I won’t go into details, suffice to say it was beautiful and fitting for such a much loved little boy who will be much missed by his family.

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