Link Love Wednesday

My Link Love for this week.  It’s been a seriously inspired week, my google reader has been stuffed with great posts here’s a selection of my favourites.

Make Room for Living’s post about a B&B in the Netherlands called Bed of Flowers. It’s beautiful, I wish I had such an eye for colour and detail.

The British Mummy Blog Carnival being hosted by the ever fabulous Motherhood the Final Frontier. Go read all the of the Best British Mummy Bloggers.

Aunties are Cool from Tara Frey the picture of her niece is beautiful (how do you get that finish on a picture??) and I love the sentiment enjoy your children right now, because it does all go so fast.

Cooking with the Girls from Teresa at Whatever… well seriously when I grow up I want to be her.  The thing I love about her blog is how much she adores her family and the effort and attention to detail she puts into the most simple of chores.

I’m into small space living articles at the moment (I’m British we have small spaces!) and this article about cute little caravans caught my eye from Restyled Home.

Lylah at Simple Home Living is growing her own veggies and some flowers to eat.  This is how a veggie patch should look – nothing like mine 😉

Simple Mom’s 40 ways to go Green – great tips for living simple and greener

Last but not least, BrooklynLimestone’s visit to London.  She’s got some wonderful images and wants to know why we say “Bob’s your uncle” – I have no idea but I do it all the time !

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  1. Liz- you’re just too nice- thanks for the shout out. and all the great links- it is fun to see what other are doing. Also thanks tons for the color inspiration- most of the time I use photo shop- grab the color from there and use the color code on my blog-
    Have a wonderful day-

  2. That colour lovers site looks so fun… Looking forward to when I have a few minutes to play around over there. Thanks for passing on the links today!

  3. I thought I was the only one who could never get my colors to “jive” just right. Thanks for the great tip and the wonderful “link love” inspiration.