Butterflies seem to be everywhere at the moment and not only in my garden!. I love butterfly images, they bring the outside in and just add a girlie touch without being over the top.

I spotted this Rangemaster Cooker which looks amazing but you really have to like butterflies to have this in your kitchen as it’s £2799!


However there are more affordable butterfly home decorations out there.  I love this mug from Big Tomato Company


Etsy of course has some fabulous finds.

This butterfly mobile at Milla Love is just gorgeous


And from The Love Shop on Etsy


I don’t know which one I like more?

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  1. My children have just discovered butterflies in a big way in the garden. We’ve invested in a ‘butterfly attractor’ (which is basically a wooden house with a big sponge on the front which you soak in sugar water).
    Keeps them entertained for hours though!