Small Gardening

Spring has finally sprung here and the frost have (probably!) passed so Miss L and I got out this weekend and did some ‘small’ gardening.  Miss L wanted to grow her own flowers this year, some strawberries and some potato’s.

You don’t need much to do this and it’s pretty inexpensive.  The ingredients were

1 Hanging Basket

2 Bags of soil

2 Potato Sacks

1 Packet of Miss L Bulbs

1 Packet of Dahlias

1 Packer of Seed Potatos

3 Strawberry Plants

First up we filled the hanging basket with soil and added the strawberry plants, which means we’ll see them as we come into the house and Betty can’t destroy them – she’s big on strawberries!

Then we planted up the tub with Miss L Bulbs and Dahlia’s, luckily there’s also a Peony already in there so she’ll see instant results with that in a couple of weeks

And then onto the potato’s, I’m not sure the pink dress will be the same!

They’re all sprouting now as we’ve had so much sunshine and it’s fun watering them after school.  Hopefully we’ll see the fruits of our labour in a few weeks, I know Miss L’s watching those strawberries!

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  1. Brilliant. I look gardening with Max. Our vegetable patch has just started to sprout. We have 24 ‘earlies’ and 12 strawberries plants. We had pots last year, and they were successful for our strawberries, but haven’t tried potatoes before.

  2. Sounds gorgeous. Little kiddies just love getting their hands dirty don’t they? We planted some radishes, lettuces, basil, etc in our garden. Then my husband went away and I was left in charge of watering. Needless to say when he came home there wasn’t much left to water! (Well what did he expect – I have two children to look after)?!! Hats off to you for doing it x

  3. How lovely! Why don’t you try some seeds too, nasturtuims, sunflowers, easy and fast things. Love to see a pic when it’s all in bloom! x

  4. We have cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes growing in our garden in little peaty pots and I’ve got a herb garden so it’s really fab. Kids love gardening don’t they? Lovely photos x

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